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Data in Education

The educational landscape is changing rapidly. As it becomes increasingly specialized and competitive, an optimal location is essential to the success of any institution. Utilization of segmentation, demographic and real estate data provides valuable insights allowing institutions to make well-informed real estate and business decisions.

As your partner, we work to visualize and prioritize the environment most beneficial to your business needs. Our approach is highly analytical. We integrate segmentation and demographic factors, as well as demand determinants into a comprehensive strategy to inform your real estate decision-making.

Finally, all viable real estate opportunities are overlaid in target locations allowing the institution to decide on which locations to pursue.

Gather Market Data

shape176C&W uses mapping and data technology to highlight available real estate opportunities in target demographic areas. Our tools address multiple factors, including your competition.

Discover Market Demand

shape165Innovative tools help determine potential demand in markets based on search data. We analyze and index volumes of searches per year and per region of the country to identify areas of maximum demand.

Address Target Markets

shape42Given demographic data and demand determinants, we target properties in optimal locations with efficient space. We work to ensure the space aligns with your values, mission and long-term goals.