Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University (NAU) serves more than 26,000 students at more than 35 locations statewide including the main campus in Flagstaff where they occupy 35,000 SF. The C&W project team conducted an extensive lease analysis revealing NAU’s current rental rates to be significantly higher than market comparables. A lease analysis also uncovered a cancelation provision, which NAU opted to exercise.


  • Addressed NAU’s primary concerns including building efficiencies, adequate parking and highly visible signage. NAU sought a single story space larger than what they currently occupied, with an option for expansion.


  • Identified a single-floor 40,000 SF space located along the I-17 corridor.
    • Successful lease negotiations resulted in the following:
    • Ability to expand to 66,000 SF
    • A parking allowance of 6.5:1000
    • Maximized signage directly off the I-17 corridor