September 21, 2015 – September 28, 2015

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National News

  • Closures to Triple
    “Closure rates of small colleges and universities will triple in the coming years, and mergers will double. Those are the predictions of a Moody’s Investor Service report released Friday that highlights a persistent inability among small colleges to increase revenue, which could lead as many as 15 institutions a year to shut their doors for good by 2017….”
  • Small Loans, Big Problem
    “Community colleges are relatively affordable, and their students tend to borrow less than those who attend other types of institutions. Yet the debt students rack up at community colleges is troubling. Just 17 percent of community college students take out federal loans, the report said, which is much less than at four-year public institutions (48 percent), private colleges (60 percent) and for-profits (71 percent). But students who attend community colleges are more likely to default….”
  • More than a Revenue Source
    “In an era of state funding cutbacks and declining enrollments, some community colleges are finding that the corporate college model can be a great way to grow revenue. But they have many other benefits, from increasing enrollment to encouraging philanthropy….”
  • How Is Free Community College Affecting Enrollment At Four-Year Universities?
    “The number of Tennesseans enrolling in community college immediately after high school jumped 14 percent this fall, according to the state. That’s due in large part to the first year of Tennessee Promise, which made community college free for graduating high-schoolers….”
  • Institutions of Higher Learning Looking for More Financial Aid Funding
    “Institutions of Higher Learning Commissioner Glenn Boyce told legislative leaders earlier this week that if they did not provide a deficit appropriation of $5.5 million for financial aid, students who have state scholarships and grants will not receive the level of funding during the spring semester as they did during the fall semester….”
  • School’s as Wireless Site Landlords: Good Idea or Bad Idea?
    “This article explores the pros and cons of being a wireless site landlord from a school district’s point of view, and offers practical tips on how to minimize the cons while building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with wireless tenants. We offer solution-oriented advice regarding how to approach various key issues that arise throughout the term of a typical wireless lease, which usually ranges from 15 to 30-plus years….”
  • Battling School Construction Delays
    “In the school construction world, on-time performance means on-time pay and schools ready to welcome students on the first day of the semester. That’s what school superintendents expect, and what contractors, subcontractors and suppliers try to provide.….”
  • Healthy Buildings
    “Energy Savings Plus Health is, in one sense, a guide to avoiding construction-related air quality problems, both on energy savings and other projects. At the same time, it’s an effort to encourage schools to enter the wider world of IAQ by integrating IAQ improvements into their building upgrades with an eye toward establishing ongoing IAQ programs….”
  • Career and Tech Education
    “Career and technical education (CTE) is an excellent strategy for preparing young people with the skills they need to pursue secondary education for a chosen career. However, the challenge for designers of CTE spaces is how to engage and support students who have wildly different career aspirations….”

Local News


  • ​$9 Billion School Bond Qualifies for State Ballot
    “A ballot initiative for a $9 billion school construction bond has qualified for the Nov. 2016 ballot, Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced Monday. The initiative is pushed by a school facilities advocacy group that says it hopes to expand its coalition to construction groups across the state….”


  • Aldermen’s Resolution Seeks No New Charters This School Year
    “Nearly all Chicago aldermen are hoping that no new charter schools open this school year, according to a resolution introduced Thursday. The measure, introduced in the Committee on Education and Child Development, is sponsored by 42 of 50 alderman….”

New Jersey

  • N.J. College Starts Social Media Expertise Center
    “The Warren County-based private college will debut its new Social Media Center for Expertise next month, school officials said. The center, which will offer classes for students and help for local businesses, is believed to be one of the first of its kind in the country….”

New York

North Carolina

  • NC Senate Looks to Shift Public School Money to Charters
    “N.C. Senate legislation introduced Monday would divert some funding for traditional public schools to charter schools. The proposal first became public at a Senate Finance Committee meeting where it was approved minutes later….”


  • Pennsylvania School Districts Feeling Effects of Budget Impasse
    “School districts missed more than $1 billion in payments in August and expected to miss another $700 million in September, according to estimates by the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials. How the state’s 500 school districts are absorbing the loss depends on their reliance on local resources and existing budget reserves….”


World News

  • International Students Driving Growth in US Graduate Programmes
    “First-time graduate enrolment in the US grew by 3.5% between fall 2013 and fall 2014. First-time enrolment of foreign students in US graduate schools grew by 11.2% over this same period….”
  • US Universities See 32% Increase in Indian Enrolment in 2015
    “The number of Indian students in the US grew 31.98% between July 2014 and July 2015…. India is increasingly emerging as an important driver of overall international enrolment growth in the US….”
  • Four Trends that are Shaping the Future of Global Student Mobility
    “Every now and then, we find it helpful to step back from the steady tide of market reports and information and think about some of the larger trends that are influencing international student mobility. Here are four that are likely to have a profound impact on global education markets for the next decade and more….”
  • Lessons from Silicon Valley: Growth Hacking and International Recruitment
    “Growth hacking is a new approach to marketing that combines strategy with technical know-how to efficiently reach prospective customers. As the term suggests, this approach emphasises growth and innovation and relies mainly on an expanding range of online marketing tools and channels….”
  • Brazil’s Science Without Borders Programme Facing Cuts in 2016
    “A weakening economy has led to a 40.3% budget cut in Brazil’s Science Without Borders programme. The remaining programme funds will be targeted to ensure that students currently on scholarships abroad can continue their studies as planned….”
  • Survey says Post-Study Work Options a Major Factor in Choice of Destination
    “In an international survey of 45,000 prospective international students, 90% cited employment outcomes as a primary driver of their interest in study abroad. The survey report draws a direct linkage between the students’ expected employment outcomes, immigration policy, and the competitiveness of host countries….”
  • Udacity Partners with Google to Expand Nanodegree Program to India
    “Online education company Udacity will start offering classes tailored to Indian students, marking the startup’s first effort to target a country outside the U.S. The move is a major step for the company as tries turn its popular courses into a real business, something it has strived to do since its founding in 2012….”

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