September 12 – September 19, 2014

Industry Related Reports

National News   

  • LearnLaunch Opens Third Round of Funding for Ed Tech Startups
    “As many as eight startups will be selected to receive $18,000 and other benefits, including mentoring, discounted services, networking opportunities and a three month residential program at the organization’s ed tech startup co-working space, LearnLaunch Campus….”
  • Micro-Targeting Students
    “The new tools to micro-target students could help some colleges attract tuition-paying students amid a shrinking pool of high school graduates….”
  • The Top 50 Schools for Entrepreneurs
    “Babson College, a school of 3,000 students in Wellesley, MA, takes the No. 1 slot in a new ranking of the top undergraduate schools for entrepreneurs, released this week by the test prep company Princeton Review in collaboration with Entrepreneur magazine….”
  • Special Education Charters Renew Inclusion Debate
    “Parents go to great lengths to meet the special and often demanding needs of children with disabilities. In Diana Diaz-Harrison’s case, that meant opening a charter school in Phoenix for her son, who has autism—and for other students like him—when she felt his needs weren’t being met in regular district-run schools….”

Local News



  • UNR Master Plan: Expand Campus
    “UNR is working with the City of Reno and the Regional Transportation Commission on the master plan, which covers the physical aspects of the school — the buildings and facilities required to support it — and sets goals for land use….”

New York

  • Near $10B in Higher-Ed Construction Planned
    “Higher education institutions in New York City will undertake nearly $10 billion in construction projects over the five years ending in 2017, nearly double the amount spent over the previous five years, according to a report to be released Wednesday morning by the New York Building Congress….”

World News

  • Warnings About Tuition Discounting
    “As Australia prepares to deregulate the setting of tuition prices, experts there are warning that universities will adopt a heretofore foreign practice that is common in the United States: discounting prices….”
  • Brazil Education: Growing Private Role
    “In June of this year, Brazil’s Congress approved one of the most ambitious education reforms in the history of the country – the National Education Plan, or PNE. Among other things, the PNE mandates an increase in education expenditure to at least 10 percent of GDP, guarantees basic universal education for all, and will expand higher education access….”