October 5, 2015 – October 12, 2015

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 National News

  • A Tale of Two School Systems
    “The District of Columbia shows why the charter model of schooling is taking off. In public education, the District of Columbia may be the nation’s most interesting laboratory. It is the only city with two public school systems of roughly equal size, each with a different governance model. The results of this competition have profound implications for the future of public education nationwide….”
  • Education Corporation of America Announces Re-Branding of Kaplan College Campuses
    “ECA is pleased to announce the re-branding of Kaplan College, now known as Brightwood College…. Brightwood College in Dayton, Ohio will be the first campus to open under the new name and will host a Grand Opening event and ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 22 to celebrate the rebranding of the career college….”
  • Could Liberal Arts Colleges Become America’s Finest Export?
    “These tiny private institutions may seem completely different from the UK’s typically large, research-intensive, state-funded universities. But, with its focus on both teaching and research, holistic admissions processes and flexibility for students, the liberal arts model is catching on all over the world….”
  • Can Campus Networks Ever Be Secure?
    “Several colleges have not been lucky when it comes to information security. So far this year, the University of California-Berkeley, Harvard University, and the University of Connecticut have all reported data breaches….”
  • MIT Floats a New Online Credential: The MicroMaster’s
    “Here’s the idea: Anyone can take a suite of courses in supply chain management designed by MIT through the free online Web site known as edX. Those who do well in that semester of study and pass a set of proctored exams can earn what’s called a “MicroMaster’s” from the online unit of MIT called MITx….”
  • Uniting to Regulate For-Profits
    “Every few weeks, it seems, a new investigation is launched into one of the larger for-profit colleges in the country.Or there’s a new sanction or inquiry into past behavior. For many who work within the for-profit sector, or advocate for consumers who attend for-profit colleges, these investigations, inquiries and sanctions are connected to an interagency task force created to oversee the institutions….”
  • ‘Revolution in Higher Education’
    “Author discusses new book predicting significant change — including demise of many institutions, and a reduction in number of professors — in American academe….”

Local News



  • Massachusetts Charter School Bills Set To Be Debated
    “Tuesday’s hearing before the Legislature’s Education Committee comes days after Gov. Charlie Baker unveiled a bill that he said would let the state add up to a dozen new or expanded charter schools each year outside the existing cap on the schools in Massachusetts….”


  • Higher Ed Looking for Multi-Year Commitment
    “The $551.2 million request includes major renovations to existing buildings and other facilities on the university campuses, such as… $17 million for data center renovations at the University of Mississippi. It also includes new construction, such as $40 million for a new science building at Ole Miss and $30 million for an architecture building at Mississippi State….”



  • As Cost to Attend UW-Madison Rises, Concerns About Access Grow as Well
    “Students at UW-Madison today pay more than twice as much on tuition, housing and other college-related costs as their Badger peers did three decades ago.In the mid-1980s, a Wisconsin resident paid the inflation-adjusted equivalent of just less than $12,000 annually to attend the state’s flagship public university and live in Madison. This year, UW-Madison estimates it will cost $24,736….”

World News

  • Local Authorities Need to Build 1,600 Primary Schools by 2019
    “An equivalent of 11,200 classrooms and 1,600 primary schools are required in the next nine years to meet Britain’s growing population, research by Scape Group has found. The built environment specialist reported that the number of primary school pupils is expected to rise from 4.4 million in 2015 to 4.7 million in 2019….”