October 24 – 31, 2014

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  • These 10 Campuses are Among America’s Most Haunted
    “Long, sometimes-disputed histories and creepy old buildings breed plenty of ghost stories, and America’s higher ed institutions are no exception to the rule. In fact, several often appear among lists of the nation’s most haunted locales and have even been featured in a number of TV shows….”
  • Why AT&T Is Investing in Virtual School
    “It made sense that the Georgia Institute of Technology launched an online-only computer science degree in January of this year. It was less obvious what was in it for its two corporate partners: Udacity and AT&T….”
  • New Structure for EDMC
    “One of the nation’s largest publicly traded for-profits, Education Management Corporation, is about to get less public….”
  • What MIT Can Teach Colleges About Becoming an Economic Powerhouse
    “In 2011, two business school professors put numbers to an idea that many assumed true: that a vibrant research university can drive an economy. They studied companies started by alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and found that those businesses had provided 1.7 million jobs and generated $1 trillion in revenue annually….”
  • Grand Canyon Rethinks For-Profit Status
    “Executives at for-profit Grand Canyon University want to turn the company into a nonprofit, they said Wednesday, because of the “stigma” of being a for-profit….”

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World News

  • Public Higher Education Versus Private
    “At the tertiary level, public expenditure per student in both public and private institutions averaged US$9,221 in OECD countries in 2012, the Education at a Glance report says. But the amount varied from about US$2,000 in Chile to more than US$17,000 in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – the four countries where the share of private spending is small or negligible….”
  • Universities to Stop Admitting Foreign Students
    “Copenhagen University and the University of Southern Denmark have announced they will not sign the annual ‘development contract’ with the Education Ministry, effectively refusing to enroll new foreign students….”
  • 2015 Best Global Universities
    “Colleges across the world are working to prepare students to compete in a global workforce. Read about some of the international populations and initiatives of the top 20 Best Global Universities, ranked by U.S. News based on their academic reputations and research performance….”