October 12, 2015 – October 19, 2015

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  • California School Becomes First to Lose Chairs for Standing Desks
    “Vallecito Elementary School in San Rafael, California will soon be the first in the country to have standing desks everywhere. Nineteen out of Vallecito’s 22 classrooms have standing desks. The last three will be converted by the end of the year. Stools for the desks are available in the classroom if students get tired, although teachers say they usually go unused….”
  • Collaboration Critical to the Success of the Bachelor’s Degree Pilot Project in California
    “Maximizing collaboration between employers, faculty and administration, and seeking guidance from other community college leaders who offer bachelor’s degrees, is critical to the success of the pilot program currently taking place in California….”



  • Board of Education Signs Off on $40M in Charter School Loans
    “At least 12 charter schools have requested $25 million in loans through a program enacted in the state budget that began in July. In all, the state legislature approved $50 million in loans, but the state board voted to save $10 million of that money for the next school year….”




  • Ohio State Energy Privatization Plan Edging Closer to Reality
    “There was high initial interest in Ohio State University’s plan to privatize its energy services. Now it’s time for those companies to lay out how they might implement a first-of-its-kind agreement. The university on Thursday sent a request for information to groups who expressed interest in Ohio State’s Comprehensive Energy Management plan.….”

World News

  • Nord Anglia Forecasts Steep Sales Rise in 2016
    “Consistent with past years we expect incremental in-year enrolment growth during the remainder of the year. In addition, in line with our growth strategy we continue to work on an increasing number of opportunities to acquire schools and establish new greenfield schools.”… The firm, which owns 42 schools worldwide, said the projections did not include the impact of unannounced acquisitions, which may be completed “at any time during fiscal 2016”….”
  • Riverston to Roll Out Schools in Gulf
    “UK group Riverston has formed a joint venture to roll out its private schools across the Gulf. A new company, ‘Riverston Tarbia’, will launch multiple children’s centres and early intervention nurseries, a specialist training academy and a number of international schools throughout the territory….”
  • Saudi Students Flock to a Diverse Set of U.S. Institutions
    “In the 2013/14 academic year, Saudi Arabia was the fourth largest sender of students to the U.S. with 53,919 students, up over 20% from the previous year. As the King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP) has been extended to 2020, growth of Saudi students in the U.S. will likely continue….”