November 9 – November 16, 2015

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National News

  • Internationalization and Tenure
    “As universities seek to globalize, should they include internationally focused criteria in their tenure and promotion policies? A new report analyzes policies with such indicators….”
  • High Impact, Largely Optional
    “The Association of American Colleges & Universities has over the years embraced numerous practices as key to promoting student learning, student engagement and student completion. The practices and their goals are all linked since students who are more engaged tend to learn more and are more likely to graduate….”
  • International Enrollments Increase
    “The newest data from the Institute of International Education’s annual Open Doors survey shows a 10 percent increase in international students from 2013-14 to 2014-15 — the highest annual rate of growth at any point over the last 35 years….”
  • Accreditation Reformers Propose a Model of Their Own
    “Amid all the talk about fixing accreditation, a new education consultancy based in Silicon Valley is proposing a new model for assessing educational quality….”
  • 5 Major Trends in Higher Education’s Use of Social Media
    “New report studies close to a thousand different institutions to provide a detailed snapshot of 2015’s dynamic college and university social media use….”
  • For-Profit Educator to Pay $95.5M Over Recruitment Tactics
    “Federal officials on Monday said they reached a $95.5 million settlement with the nation’s second-largest for profit educator, accused of running a high-pressure boiler room where admissions personnel were paid based purely on the number of students they enrolled….”
  • Museums, Always Educational, Now Confer Degrees
    “You don’t typically expect to go to a museum and come out with a degree in higher education. But the American Museum of Natural History now offers a master of arts in teaching and a Ph.D. in comparative biology. The programs are part of a larger transformation in the role of museums around the country; education is not just about field trips anymore….”
  • Can Better Transportation Increase Diversity on College Campuses?
    “Overall enrollment at the college has increased by only 15 percent since the shuttle was started, but the numbers of black and Latino students have increased by 49 and 43 percent respectively….”
  • How One KIPP Principal is Trying to Get His Students to College – and Keep Them There
    “As the nation’s largest charter school chain, the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) has built a reputation for its success preparing low-income, minority students for college. But how many of its students persevere to college graduation?…”
  • Common Core Testing Showdown in Massachusetts
    “As the state considers what standardized test to give this spring, here’s a closer look at two of the options….”

Local News





  • Free Community College Movement Gains Momentum
    “Oregon Promise expects to enroll about 7,000 students in fall 2016… 17 community colleges expect a jump in fall 2016 enrollment, when the first group of eligible students takes advantage of the state’s new free tuition plan created this summer….”


  • Texas A&M’s $4 Billion Campaign Signals Public Ambition
    “A $4 billion fundraising campaign unveiled last week at Texas A&M University ranks as one of the largest ever, as top public schools try to offset declining state and federal funding and stay competitive with private counterparts with longer track records of tapping donations….”

World News

  • Nord Anglia to Launch Degree for International School Teachers
    “Consistent with past years we expect incremental in-year enrolment growth during the remainder of the year. In addition, in line with our growth strategy we continue to work on an increasing number of opportunities to acquire schools and establish new greenfield schools.”… The firm, which owns 42 schools worldwide, said the projections did not include the impact of unannounced acquisitions, which may be completed “at any time during fiscal 2016”….”
  • Orbital Education Appoints New Chief Executive
    “International schools platform Orbital Education has announced the appointment of David Pottinger as chief executive….”
  • International Schools Number 8,000 Worldwide
    “The number of English-medium international schools has reached 8,000 around the world, according to research from the International Schools Consultancy Group (ISCG)….”