November 23, 2015 – November 30, 2015

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  • Kaplan Acquires CleanEdison College
    “Kaplan, the global education business, has acquired CleanEdison, a US based vocational school specialising in the clean energy industry….”
  • Reversal on Recruiter Bonus Pay
    “After two lawsuits by for-profit colleges, the Obama administration is backing down from its ban on colleges paying recruiters bonuses based on graduation rates….”
  • Another [Ed] Department Departure
    “Jamienne Studley, the No. 2 higher ed official at the Education Department, will leave this month after a frenetic two and a half years….”
  • Measuring Competency
    “Southern New Hampshire U’s College for America releases a promising early snapshot of the general-education learning and skills of students who are enrolled in a new form of competency-based education….”
  • Prescription for Higher Ed Prosperity
    “New medical schools are in various states of planning, development and accreditation, while existing schools are expanding class sizes, portending perhaps the greatest increase in this sector since World War II….”
  • How Long Will This Last?
    “As a part of the planning that leads to construction or renovation of any campus building, a life-cycle cost analysis stands as an essential tool….”
  • Are You Code Compliant?
    “As protecting the environment becomes an increasingly important imperative, new environmental standards present higher ed institutions with the unique opportunity to lead by example in many ways….”
  • Campus Computing Project Takes Pulse of Higher Ed IT
    “Higher education migrating slowly to cloud computing…. And top five campus IT priorities over the next two to three years….”
  • The Path Forward for Competency-Based Education
    “Competency-based programming can create pathways for non-traditional students to earn their postsecondary credentials and move into high-paying careers, but only with the removal of key institutional roadblocks and greater collaboration between institutions and industry….”
  • Niches and Strategic Partnerships: Central to Success for Smaller Institutions
    “The changes happening across the postsecondary industry have created some unique challenges for smaller colleges and universities, who must adapt to continue to serve their students….”

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  • You’re In
    “A new statewide initiative automatically admits graduating seniors to college in Idaho….”

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