March 21, 2016 – March 28, 2016

Industry Related Reports

 National News

  • More Cuts for Zenith
    “Nonprofit Zenith Education Group is consolidating or closing 10 more campuses of the former Corinthian Colleges. The chain lost $100 million last year and is making changes to its business model, curriculum and leadership….”
  • Fired, Then Rehired
    “After pledging to stop using five debt collectors last year over allegations they misled borrowers, U.S. Education Department gives two of them new business….”
  • ‘Confidence Rating’ for On-Time Graduation
    “U of California at San Diego’s new early warning system aims to condense millions of data points into a simple metric showing whether students will graduate on time….”
  • Blended Learning Options Rise at Medical Schools
    “Classes that combine in-person discussions or clerkships with online learning can benefit medical students, experts say….”
  • Camelot Launches New Educational Service
    “Camelot Education, a national leader in providing programs to school districts for students with behavioral issues or special needs, has launched a new set of services designed to evaluate and improve local alternative education and special education programs to ensure that special needs students receive an appropriate high quality education….”

Local News


  • Charter Schools Plan to Reach 1 Million Students
    “On the eve of their 25th birthday, California charter schools have big plans for the future: To accommodate a dramatic expansion that would nearly double enrollment to a million students by 2022….”


  • Partnership or Merger? You Decide
    “Soon, the University of Maryland’s College Park and Baltimore campuses could be combined. Will College Park’s growing influence help the university system’s other campuses — or marginalize them?….”


  • Detroit Makes Community College Free
    “Detroit high schoolers just got a free ticket to community college. Starting this year, any graduating high school senior who is accepted to one of Detroit’s five community colleges won’t have to pay a dime for tuition….”

North Carolina

  • Wake County Needs 17 Additional New Schools by 2022
    “Growth is slowing, but Wake County school administrators say the system needs 17 more new schools by 2022 to keep up with the thousands of new students still expected to enroll… Wake needs to find land for 8 of the 17 schools, it’s getting harder to find large plots of land….”


  • In Tenn., Politics or Good Policy?
    “New piece of governor’s ambitious higher ed agenda would break up statewide governing board to focus on two-year colleges and give six universities more independence. Critics predict backsliding on the state’s goals and skewed institutional priorities….”

World News

  • Grimshaw and BVN Design 14-Story Public School in Australia
    “The design of the high-rise is based on the template of Schools-within-Schools (SWIS), a system that de-emphasizes age groups….”
  • GUH Holdings Acquires 25% Stake in School Group
    “Malaysia’s GUH Holdings has bought a 25% stake in international school business Straits International Education Group (SIEG). The deal was valued at 11 million ringgit (£1.9 million). GUH, whose businesses range from circuit board manufacturing to property development, said it would subscribe to 1.17 million shares in the firm….”