June 6, 2016 – June 13, 2016

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 National News

  • Focus on Certificates Boosts Completion Goals
    “Louisiana and other states are closer to reaching college completion goals as their emphasis shifts to more certificates in addition to degrees….”
  • Final Push for State Authorization Rule
    “Education Department will push to finalize rule on state approval of online programs before the end of the year….”
  • From 4-Year to 2-Year
    “New report on transfer of struggling students from universities to community colleges finds students benefit from moving in nontraditional direction….”
  • Senate Bill Backs Year-Round Pell
    “Bill approved by Senate appropriations subcommittee would reinstate full-year grants for low-income students and provide $2 billion more in funding for the National Institutes of Health….”
  • Class of 2015 Is Finding Work
    “Six months after graduation, the majority of graduates from the class of 2015 found jobs or returned for more education….”
  • Accreditor, and Accreditation, on Trial
    “When a federal panel weighs whether to keep recognizing an overseer of for-profit colleges this month, the feds and the accreditor alike will be judged on the outcome….”
  • Obama Administration Turns Up the Heat on For-Profit College Chain ITT
    “The Education Department on Monday sent ITT Educational Services a letter requesting the for-profit chain to set aside more money to cover losses in the event of its collapse, citing an increased risk to the millions of dollars in federal loans and grants funneled to students attending the schools….”
  • Goldman Sachs Education Center at LaGuardia Community College
    “At an event held earlier today at LaGuardia Community College, which was attended by Lloyd Blankfein, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Jack Dorsey, and Michael Porter, plans were unveiled for the new Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Education Center located on the LaGuardia Community College campus….”
  • This Chart Tells a Fascinating Story About Higher Education
    “So much has changed in a generation: who attends college, how they learn, and what their lives are like outside of the classroom. A chart produced by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation captures the complexity of the higher education landscape and why there can be no one-size-fits-all approach. Take a look:”
  • Feds Consider Whether to Shut For-Profit College Watchdog
    “Federal education officials are deciding whether to shut down the nation’s biggest accreditor of for-profit colleges over allegations that it overlooked deception by some of its schools…”

Local News


  • GI Bill Benefits on the Brink
    “For-profit Ashford University, facing loss of access to GI Bill benefits by month’s end, needs approval from a state to stop thousands of student veterans from losing aid….”



  • Cuts Questioned at U of Chicago
    “Faculty members and students worry they’re paying the price for construction projects amid a focus on cutting administrative costs….”


  • Indian Students Lured by Recruiters Asked to Leave University
    “An aggressive campaign to recruit graduate students from India to study at Western Kentucky University has ended badly, with more than one-third of the students asked to leave the program after their first semester, a university official said….”

New York

  • Dowling College Rescinds Decision to Close, Negotiates Deal to Stay Open
    “A small liberal arts college on Long Island that was on the brink of closing down is close to a deal to keep its doors open. Dowling College is negotiating with Global University Systems, an organization based in London, to keep the Oakdale school open since Monday, the school announced Wednesday, confirming what a source told NBC 4 New York earlier….”

World News