June 27, 2016 – July 4, 2016

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  • Fostering Connections
    “As part of a new general-education program, Connecticut College rethinks the 100-level course….”


  • UMass Becomes the First Major Public US University to Divest from Fossil Fuels
    “The University of Massachusetts has become the first major public university system in America to pull direct investments in fossil fuels out of its endowment. University of Massachusetts President Marty Meehan says this landmark decision is key to the university’s broad program to address the existential threats of climate disruption….”
  • New Design Building at UMass, Amherst
    “Bringing together the previously dispersed departments of Landscape Architecture, Architecture, and Building Technology programs, the new Design Building will be a dynamic space of exchange, collaboration, and experiment, celebrating a shared commitment to sustainability….”

New York




  • New School Aid Figures Include Dollars for Vouchers, Charters
    “Public schools in Wisconsin are expected to receive an additional $120 million in state aid in the coming school year, a portion of which will go to pay for students who attend private voucher and independent charter schools, the state Department of Public Instruction said Friday….”

World News

  • Research Finds Boom in UK Offshore Higher Education
    “The UK’s delivery of higher education in other countries is growing at five times the rate of international student recruitment to the UK, new research has claimed. Research group HEGlobal found that in just two years (2012/13 to 2014/15), the amount of transnational education (TNE) delivered by UK institutions climbed 13%. In the same period, international student recruitment into the UK grew just 2.7%….”
  • Brexit’s Enrollment Effects
    “Following the Brexit vote, many anticipate a drop in the number of E.U. students at U.K. universities. Could American institutions attract some of them?…”
  • Institutions Seek Expanded Exchange in Cuba
    “Last October, the Institute of International Education led a delegation of college and university officials from the United States on a cultural immersion trip to Cuba, the first of what officials hoped would be many following the return of diplomatic relations with the country….”