June 13, 2016 – June 20, 2016

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 National News

  • Acquisitions, Mergers and Reinvention (Not Closures) Will Characterize Higher Ed’s Future
    “Though it’s unlikely that the higher education market will see a rash of closures over the next decade, institutions hoping to remain independently viable must actively pursue fundamental changes to help them stay relevant….”
  • National Week of Making Reflects Trend Toward Makerspaces
    “Schools across the country now feature dedicated rooms where kids can create their own things….”
  • The Evolution of the ‘Chartered School’
    “Twenty-five years ago this month, tucked in a voluminous education funding bill headed to the Minnesota governor’s desk, was a quirky and contentious idea to allow teachers and parents to create a new kind of public school—chartered schools….”
  • The Changing Terrain of Higher Education
    “Perhaps the most profound change affecting higher education over the last decade has been the steady (and often steep) drop in financial support from states for public colleges and universities….”
  • For University Housing, There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Solution
    “Still, there are several key issues that every institution should consider when forming a student housing strategy. Though the circumstances surrounding these issues might be unique to each college, the trends remain the same. It’s all about creating demand, desire, and diversity….”
  • DoE Proposes Tougher Rules for Private Colleges
    “The US government is proposing tougher rules for private colleges, including making it easier for students to sue fraudulent providers…The proposals would streamline the process of relief for student borrowers who have been “wronged” by a college, making it easier to discharge their loans. Institutions would also have to put up contingency funds if they engaged in misconduct or showed signs of “financial risk”….”
  • Accreditor Puts 5 Colleges on Probation
    “The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has put four small private colleges and one community college on notice, mostly due to financial problems….”
  • Fighting Access for For-Profits
    “For-profit institutions that cater to service members see chance to connect with students in Senate-passed provision expanding access on military bases….”
  • Ever-Shrinking For-Profit
    “Education Management Corp. is shutting down most Brown Mackie College campuses because of dwindling demand for the for-profit and its programs….”
  • Wiping Out Debt
    “Education Department unveils draft regulations for borrowers seeking federal debt forgiveness, which include an end to mandatory arbitration agreements and requirements for some for-profits to be on the hook to pay for debt relief….”

Local News


  • More State Funds, on One Condition
    “To receive portions of the money allocated to them in the new state budget, California’s public universities will need to admit more in-state students….”


  • The Philosophy of What Makes a University
    “Western Illinois U says low enrollments justify eliminating four liberal arts majors, but faculty leaders say maintaining fields of study is about more than metrics….”


  • Purdue Picks Developer for $1.2B West Campus
    “As Purdue University interviewed potential master planners for a live-work-play, community-within-a-community concept for west campus, bidders at the Indianapolis-based Browning Investments LLC set out to find similar plans for reference.They found university-driven developments of 20 acres and ones valued in the millions of dollars. But the sheer size and scope of the self-contained campus community Purdue had in mind – 450 acres and dreams of $1.2 billion in private investment – stumped them….”

New Jersey

  • 9 N.J. Charter School Applications Move Forward
    “Gov. Chris Christie’s administration has advanced nine charter school applications to a second round of consideration, allowing organizers to submit more detailed plans for their proposed schools. Another 15 applications were either rejected by the state, disqualified for filing errors or withdrawn, the state Department of Education announced Monday….”


  • School Mergers Getting New Look
    “The Legislature could take a new look at determining what cost savings could be realized by consolidating Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts….”

Rhode Island

  • R.I. House OKs New Funding Formula for Charters
    “The House passed an education plan Wednesday that creates winners and losers among charter schools, supports the governor’s much-touted empowerment schools and, for the first time, awards additional money to help students learning English….”


  • Satellite Campus for Tech School Could Come Soon
    “Mt. Pleasant may soon become home to a satellite campus of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.The region’s business and community leaders gathered Monday on the second floor of the Mt. Pleasant Grille to hold an industrial round table on the potential program….”

World News

  • UN Says UK Should Not Invest in Low-Fee Private Schools
    “The UNCRC report said: “A rapid increase in the number of such schools may contribute to sub-standard education, less investments in free and quality public schools, and deepened inequalities in the recipient countries leaving behind children who cannot afford even low-fee school….”
  • They Want to Stay In
    “Poll of faculty members and administrators in British higher education finds they want their country to remain in E.U….”
  • Protecting Values in Overseas Ventures
    “Universities that set up shop globally should work to uphold principles such as academic freedom, gender equity and freedom of speech — but they sometimes compromise, scholars argue….”
  • Student Loan Lessons From Abroad
    “Could student loan repayment models from other countries work in the United States?…”