June 1, 2015 – June 8, 2015

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National News

  • Place Still a Priority in the Digital Era
    “The vast majority of colleges and universities are place-based institutions whose futures are inextricably intertwined with that of the metro regions in which they are located. Higher education leaders must understand this relationship if they want to increase student success and financial sustainability….”
  • National University Launches $30 Million Sanford Collaborative
    “San Diego-based National University on Tuesday announced the launch of the $30 million Sanford Education Collaborative, a nine-school youth-teaching partnership….”
  • Arts and Sciences Deficits
    “…More and more students were enrolling with credits earned through high school programs and community colleges. Students, worrying about employability after college, were leaving majors like English and anthropology behind and picking professional colleges instead….”
  • Tech Learning ‘Netflix’ Pluralsight Offering Free Courses to Reservists, Vets, and Families
    “The deal is being offered thanks to a collaboration with the U.S. Army Reserve Private Public Partnership Office and the Chief of the Army Reserve….”
  • Online Education Marketplace Udemy Raises $65 Million for International Expansion
    “Following Google’s announcement last week of its new skill-based degrees in partnership with Udacity, the interest in online education continues. On Tuesday, online course marketplace Udemy said it has raised $65 million in new funding, though it declined to disclose its valuation….”
  • Education M&A Up 9% in 2014
    “The bank attributed this to a confluence of factors including: “rising local and state tax revenues, the adoption of innovative pedagogical and blended learning tools [and] continued investment in early stage edtech companies….”
  • The Weight of Evidence
    “The collection and analysis of data in education could revolutionise learning. Ed tech firms must take note, argues Microsoft’s Mark Stewart….”
  • Walmart Expands College Campus Concept
    “The demand is there, but there are unique challenges related to serving students and operating on campus, says Dusty Batsell, director of asset management – retail for American Campus Communities….”
  • This May Be Uber’s Most Controversial Move Yet
    “With friends like Uber, who needs enemies? That’s a lesson that Carnegie Mellon University may be learning. The university is reportedly reeling after ride-sharing startup Uber poached 40 of its researchers and scientists earlier this year. The startup was able to lure the talent by offering some scientists hundreds of thousands of dollars to staff Uber’s new tech center in Pittsburgh, one researcher told The Wall Street Journal….”
  • The Rush to Buy Student Housing
    “A property will come up for sale, if it’s halfway attractive, you will have a whole line of bidders,” says Jim Arbury, vice president for student housing with the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), an industry organization. “It’s a seller’s market….”

Local News


  • Chicago Schools Chief Resigns Amid Federal Probe
    “Chicago Public School’s CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett has resigned amid a federal probe of a $20 million no-bid contract between the district and a training academy where she once worked as a consultant, officials said….”


New Jersey


  • Construction Begins on $17 Million UD Housing Project
    “While most University of Dayton students are back home this summer, construction has already kicked off on campus to upgrade the student neighborhood. It’s part of the University of Dayton’s $17 million investment in campus housing.



  • Penn State Smeal Launches Online Boot Camp to Help Close Supply Chain Skills Gap
    “With online and multichannel retailers like Walmart and Amazon leading the charge on rapid-fire ecommerce and shipping logistics, demand for supply chain talent is outpacing supply and putting pressure on corporate leaders and hiring managers. Analysis shows that the demand for supply chain professionals now exceeds the available talent pool by 6 to 1….”


  • Intriguing Prospects in WSU-Bellevue Merger
    “CREATIVITY will be required to increase the capacity of Washington’s higher-education system enough to support its growing population and workforce demands. A prime example is the potential merger of Bellevue College and Washington State University, which the schools have been discussing over the last six months….”

World News

  • Opportunities Down Under
    “With its growing pathways, early years and private college sectors, Australian for-profit education is on the up. Julian Hall looks at the key sectors and players….”
  • Pay to Play
    “The UAE has witnessed one of the fastest population growth rates in the Middle East – last year the population grew by 5% and it is forecasted to rise at a similar rate in 2015. As the population increases, so too will the demand for quality education….”
  • Carry on Camping
    “Coder camps are a red hot ed tech trend in the US and catching on fast in Europe. Investors are now taking a closer look, finds Rob Buckley….”
  • Two Vacant School Premises and Three Greenfield Sites Allocated for International School Development
    “The Secretary for Education, Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, announced today (May 29) that five school operators have been selected through a school allocation exercise for the development of international schools at two vacant school premises and three greenfield sites….”
  • Why Do So Many Chinese Students Choose US Universities?
    “There are more than a quarter of a million students from China in colleges in the United States – a third of all international students in the country – and almost a fivefold increase since 2000. Why do so many now come to study in the US?….”