July 27, 2013 – August 3, 2015

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  • More Colleges Investing with Impact
    “A growing number of colleges and universities now seek bigger impacts—and substantial financial returns—with a strategy known as “ESG.” Schools invest in companies that match the institution’s ideals about Environmental issues, Social responsibility and corporate Governance….”
  • Sharing Back-to-School Bonuses
    “Districts find unique revenue streams in corporate partnerships… Savvy administrators have allowed local and national retailers to sponsor back-to-school lists and to advertise on district websites. The schools receive a piece of the revenues, and in some cases, administrators have shielded students from being flooded by images and corporate ads….”
  • Changes on Horizon for Campus Cards, Title IV Payments
    “Colleges and universities using third-party providers to process students’ Title IV payments face changes aimed at giving students more choice in receiving financial aid dollars. Rules proposed by the DoE in late May would especially affect institutions that issue tuition refunds directly to students’ debit cards….”
  • Ed Tech’s Funding Frenzy
    “With $2.51 billion invested in educational-technology companies during the first half of 2015, investors continue to defy fears that interest in the sector is waning. Yet analysts say the staggering figure distracts from what and who isn’t being funded….”
  • Exclusive: Education Company Blackboard Seeks $3B Sale
    “Blackboard Inc, a U.S. software company that provides learning tools for high school and university classrooms, is exploring a sale that it hopes could value it at as much as $3 billion, including debt, according to people familiar with the matter….”
  • The Shrinking Sector
    “As enrollments tumble at for-profit colleges, the number of proprietary institutions is dwindling, too….”
  • As McGraw-Hill Education Leaves State Testing, Market Thrives for Classroom Assessments
    “Many assumed—rightly or wrongly—that the common-core era would bring a windfall for companies in the state testing business. But one of the biggest shifts in the landscape so far has been the decision by a hugely recognizable provider to steer in the opposite direction, abandoning its work in high-stakes assessments entirely….”
  • Confessions Of A College Rankings Guru
    “I spend several months each year helping FORBES compile its annual rankings of colleges and universities. Why do I do it?…”
  • Nonprofit Colleges Take Up a New Subject: Default
    “Moody’s Investors Service Inc. has never seen any of the colleges it rates default on their debt. Only two nonprofit colleges rated by Standard & Poor’s have defaulted in the past dozen years….”
  • Federal Trade Commission Opens Broad Investigation of U. of Phoenix
    “The University of Phoenix is the subject of an extensive investigation by the Federal Trade Commission to determine whether it engaged in deceptive practices, according to a corporate filing on Wednesday by its parent company, the Apollo Education Group….”
  • High-Speed for Higher Ed
    “Higher education has a long history of collaboration among institutions. Today, colleges and universities are leveraging the power of that collaborative spirit to bring high-capacity bandwidth to the market’s most insatiable users: traditional college-age students….”
  • 5 Rising IT Trends Going into Fall 2015
    “From cloud migration to dealing with increased cyberattacks, never before have the innovate capabilities of the campus IT department been as mission-critical to colleges and universities under drastic transformation….”

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  • Struggling to Stay True to Wisconsin’s Ideals
    “The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is not a particularly wealthy school…. Yet dealing with a 13.5 percent reduction in operating funds requires massive change, and it turns out that it’s very difficult to keep the impact of such a loss entirely off the radar of students….”

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