July 20, 2015 – July 27, 2015

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  • The Shrinking Sector – For-profit Higher Ed
    “Data released by the Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics Thursday show that 3,436 for-profit colleges participated in federal financial aid programs in the just-ended academic year, down 2.6 percent, from 3,527 such institutions two years earlier, in the 2012-13 academic year….”
  • U.S. Department Of Education Releases Parent Checklist To Ensure Children Are Getting The Most Out Of Their School
    “The U.S. Department of Education released a parent checklist Friday, with questions and resources that parents and caregivers can ask their child’s school to ensure they are getting the most out of their education. The checklist also provides tips for education success and resources for more information….”
  • How The U.S. Can Capture The $170B Opportunity In International Higher Education
    “The challenges facing higher education are no exception. In both countries, declining enrollment levels, erosion in government funding, and shifts in student demand have all contributed to the underlying restlessness of a sector on the precipice of major change….”
  • The University of Phoenix Shrinks Student Body as ED’s Gainful Employment Rules Take Effect
    “Now the University of Phoenix (UOP), one of the biggest names in the for-profit college world, said last month that it will close most of its associate degree programs and, for the first time, set academic requirements for admission that will lead to a reduction in the number of students….”
  • New Higher Education Campus Catering to Dual Enrollment Students
    “The new Cookeville Higher Education Campus — which exists through a partnership between Nashville State Community College, Volunteer State Community College and Tennessee Tech University — can attest to that fact as it was packed Friday with juniors and seniors registering for dual enrollment courses….”
  • Construction Wave Produces New & Improved Schools
    “Many school leaders say they are renovating or building to maximize space and update old facilities….”
  • Pearson Selling Some Investments to be ‘100 Percent’ Focused on Education
    “Pearson, the world’s largest education company, the one that testing critics love to hate, wants to get much, much bigger. It is selling other investments so that it can focus entirely on its education business….”
  • MIT Looks to Stay in Vanguard of Digital Education
    “One way to find the future of higher education is to track the brainstormers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who often seem to be a step ahead of the pack. So it matters when L. Rafael Reif, the MIT president, says that an idea for digital innovation is “on the table.…”
  • How Education Policy Waves Shape Ed-Tech Products
    “The goal of an education startup is no different than startups in another sector: find a need great enough that someone will pay to solve it. But market needs are not solely defined by the whims of a potential buyer or their ability (or lack thereof) to be influenced by marketing efforts. The buyer’s needs– especially in education–are often shaped by the policy context of the system….”
  • Ed Tech’s Funding Frenzy
    “With $2.51 billion invested in educational-technology companies during the first half of 2015, investors continue to defy fears that interest in the sector is waning. Yet analysts say the staggering figure distracts from what and who isn’t being funded….”
  • Privatizing Campus Facilities
    “This new strategy creates greater scale that mitigates risk for investors and increases the return for campuses. These “non-traditional partnerships” have the potential to release great value buried on university balance sheets, but will require schools to reinvent the historical model for how non-educational campus facilities are built and maintained….”

Local News



  • Exploring High-End Visualization for Research and Education
    “Working together, university units contributed $1.2 million to transform an entire 3,300-square-foot floor of the university library, giving CURVE a central home on campus and sending a clear message that the technology is there for everyone to use….”


  • Chicago Board of Ed Votes to Approve $1.2 Billion in Borrowing
    “Chicago’s newly constituted Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday to authorize up to $1.2 billion in long-term bonds so the district can pay for ongoing capital projects, fees on past borrowing and some costs of refinancing old debt….”


  • Maine Public Schools Look to Woo Students from Overseas
    “In Maine, several private schools and academies have sizable international programs with admissions departments to lead efforts to spread the school’s reach overseas. Smaller public programs often are one-person shops, perhaps the principal or a guidance counselor, who occasionally take recruiting trips overseas….”




  • UW Colleges to Cut 83 Jobs, Consolidate Campus Administration
    “The University of Wisconsin Colleges will lay off more than 80 employees in a cost-cutting move that will see the network of two-year schools consolidate administration of its 13 campuses into four regions of the state, officials announced Tuesday….”


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