January 23, 2015 – January 30, 2015

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National News

  • Harvard Beats Stanford, Raising Record $1.16 Billion in a Year
    “Harvard University raised a record $1.16 billion in donations in a single year, beating rival Stanford for the first time in a decade….”
  • Endowments Up 12%
    “Colleges’ endowment investment returns are back up — by double digits — just a year after they saw a decline….”
  • Politics of the 529 Plan
    “President Obama’s backpedaling this week on a provision in his tax plan that would have gutted benefits for college-savings plans highlights the challenges facing advocates for low-income students who want to overhaul higher education tax breaks….”
  • A Global Hub, Close to Home
    “While other U.S. universities have built branch campuses abroad, the University of California at Berkeley is betting it can create a global higher education hub in its own backyard….”
  • 8 K-12 Tech Tools to Watch in 2015
    “Over the last few years, technology has reshaped the classroom in many ways — and is continuing to do so. From digital textbooks and platforms that make teaching often-complex STEM subjects simpler to deep data analytics that measure and predict student achievement, ed tech is addressing a number of issues in the nation’s schools….”
  • More Tuition Experiments Being Tried at State System of Higher Education Universities
    “Bloomsburg University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania are going to be the latest state universities to test the idea of scrapping their flat full-time undergraduate tuition rate and move to a system that charges students on a per-credit basis, starting in the fall….”
  • NewSchools Spins Off New, For-Profit Venture Fund
    “NewSchools Venture Fund (NSVF) is not coy about its role in reforming education, starting with championing the charter school cause. “The charter school movement might look different today had it not been for NewSchools supporting these entrepreneurs,” says chief executive, Stacey Childress….”
  • Online Learning Service Pluralsight Acquires Code School For $36 Million
    “Online technology training service Pluralsight has acquired the Orlando, Fla.-based Code School, which offers dozens of instructional courses and videos for developers both online and via mobile apps. The $36 million deal is Pluralsight’s sixth acquisition in the past 18 months, as it continues its strategy of buying up smaller companies to expand its footprint in the online learning industry, putting it up against competitors like lynda.com and Skillsoft, for example….”
  • PE, VC Returns for Endowments, Foundations Rebounded in 2014
    “Private equity, venture capital, energy and natural resources gave nonprofits a boost in the fiscal year ended June 30 after single-digit performance in the previous year, according to the 2014 National Association of College and University Business Officers-Commonfund Study of Endowments, which polled 832 higher education institutions….”

Local News


  • CSU Plans to Borrow $220M for New Stadium
    “CSU is seeking authorization to borrow $220 million to build its new on-campus stadium through bond sales, according to documents filed with the state Legislature’s Capital Development Committee….”


  • Chicago School District Sells Nine Pieces of Property
    “Chicago Public Schools has agreed to sell nine properties for a total of slightly less than $2 million. The properties include several South Side parcels and a Printer’s Row parking lot, but none are the dozens of school buildings shuttered by the district in 2013.


  • Iowa Alliance
    “Grinnell College and the University of Iowa are using the digital humanities to bridge the physical distance and institutional differences between their campuses….”
  • AIB College of Business to Become the University of Iowa Des Moines Campus
    “AIB College of Business announced that it will become the University of Iowa Des Moines campus. Transition is expected to take at least a year, but the two schools will immediately establish an integration team to begin the process. Eventually Iowa will own AIB’s land and buildings, and AIB students will become Iowa students….”

Rhode Island

  • 5 RI Charter Schools Seek to Expand
    “Wisconsin universities now face the largest budget cuts in their history, even as colleges in other states crawl out of budget holes….”


  • Deep Cuts in Wisconsin
    “Five Rhode Island charter schools are asking to add more than 900 seats, and state Education Commissioner Deborah A. Gist is recommending accepting the requests….”

World News

  • Inspiring a World of Good Through Early-Childhood Education in Singapore
    “What went largely unremarked in the U.S. became an urgent national call to action in Singapore. As a result, the government has announced new funding initiatives for subsidies for parents and childcare centers, new sources of scholarship money for teachers, and the creation of new preschools and kindergartens….”