JANUARY 16 – JANUARY 23, 2015

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  • Ducey to Cut $75 Million from Higher Education to Close Major Budget Shortfalls
    “Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s proposed fiscal 2016 budget calls for $75 million in cuts to Arizona’s public universities. Eileen Klein, president of the Arizona Board of Regents, which oversees the three state universities, said defunding higher education is not a sustainable solution to the state’s economic challenges….”


  • Fifteen Community Colleges in California to Offer Four-Year Degrees
    “15 California community colleges should be able to offer four-year degrees starting as soon as next year, state officials announced Tuesday. Officials with California’s community college system gave initial approval to the campuses after 36 schools and districts said they would apply for a chance to offer baccalaureate degrees. Nearly 20 other states allow community colleges to offer four-year degrees….”
  • UC Coaches’ Pay Tied to Athletes’ Academic Success in New Policy
    “Newly hired coaches and athletic directors at the University of California will lose lucrative bonuses — potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars — if student athletes fail in the classroom, under a new policy beginning Thursday….”


  • Emerson College to Build More Dorms
    “Mayor Marty Walsh said he wanted to cut the number of students living off campus in half by 2030. To do so, universities have to add 18,500 beds – about 16,000 for undergraduates and 2,500 for graduate students….”


  • Nevada Education Officials Identify 78 Failing Schools
    “Nevada education officials released a list of 78 underperforming schools Friday, a day after Gov. Brian Sandoval proposed a plan for the state to take over failing schools and operate them as charter schools….”

New York

  • Cuomo Proposes Tying Education Funding to Reforms
    “In what can be described as an education “power play” with state lawmakers, Governor Andrew Cuomo promised to tie nearly $800 million in school funding to his aggressive education reform plan, laid out during his fifth State of the State address Wednesday….”




World News

  • Non-EU Students Still Attracted to UK Universities
    “The number of students from the Middle East coming to UK universities more than doubled between 2003-04 and 2012-13. As traffic from all other regions also rose, the total number of non-European Union students in the UK grew by 59 per cent, says a recent Universities UK report….”
  • Crowded Houses: Are EU Students Feeling the Squeeze?
    “Student-to-Staff ratios are often used by higher education experts and politicians as a measure of a university’s teaching quality. Jack Grove examines how much class sizes and spending per student vary across Europe….”