February 20, 2015 – February 27, 2015

Industry Related Reports

National News

  • Blurring the Nonprofit/For-Profit Divide
    “Alliant International University has become the first of what are expected to be several universities becoming for-profit benefit corporations as part of a new system of health sciences institutions, Arist Education System….”
  • Sanders Calls for Revolution in Higher Ed Funding
    “Bernie Sanders told a University of Iowa lecture hall filled with about 100 students and community members Thursday that he wants to see the United States once again be able to promise its citizens that if they work hard and study hard, they can pursue a college degree at little or no cost….”
  • The Downfall of For-Profit Colleges
    “The industry has faced numerous investigations, widespread closures, and serious threats to federal funding….”
  • As He Promotes It, Some Question Obama’s Free Community College Idea
    “Students, experts pick apart the pros and cons of the proposal meant to speed up degrees….”
  • Vegan School to Open in the U.S
    “This past week NPR published an article about film director James Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron creating an all-vegan school—the first of its kind in the United States….”
  • Higher Education Leaders Looking for Ways to Raise Money
    “Threatened with the loss of up to half of their state financing, Louisiana’s higher education leaders are devising their own package of ideas to generate new cash for their campuses….”
  • Education Funding Taking Hits Nationwide
    “Education funding is taking a hit nationwide as more and more states are instituting cuts. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s proposed budget calls for $75 million in cuts to the state’s public universities….”
  • University of Phoenix Parent’s HQ Sold for $183 Million
    “London-based Epic Ltd. bought the 600,000-square-foot Phoenix development that houses Apollo Education Group. The seller was New York-based American Realty Capital Partners. The deal is for about $13 million more than American Realty paid for the office project in 2011….”
  • Colleges are Buried in Red Tape
    “America’s 6,000 colleges and universities live in a jungle of red tape that is expensive and confusing and unnecessary,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee….”
  • A Perfect Storm Is Heading Toward Higher Education
    “The perfect storm will be the culmination of soaring tuitions, technological disruption, and parent dissatisfaction….”

Local News




  • Investments in Higher Ed Paying Off for Montana
    “In the last couple of years huge investments have been made in Montana’s universities through private individuals and state agencies for specific job-training programs – proving that high-quality jobs are attainable for Montana graduates….”

New Jersey

New York

  • Google to Roll Out After-School Coding Classes for 100K New York City School Kids
    “The tech giant will work with the city as part of de Blasio’s $10 million Tech Talent Pipeline initiative launched last May, which aims to get children interested in the STEM fields. Google officials said that all kids enrolled in 857 after-school programs across the five boroughs will get to use CS First, a program that teaches youngsters how to code….”
  • NYC Mayor Asks Lawmakers for More Funds, Control of Schools
    “Mayor Bill de Blasio, faced with a shifting leadership in the Legislature and an uncertain alliance with the governor, implored lawmakers in Albany on Wednesday to give New York City its fair share in funding and him more control over its schools and housing laws….”



World News

  • ‘YouTube for Universities’ Lands $4.5M in Funding
    “MediaCore says that more than 100 universities use its video sharing and learning tools, including Yale University, Brown University, the University of North Carolina, and the University of California, Berkeley….”