February 15, 2016 – February 22, 2016

Industry Related Reports

National News

  • DC Advisory appointed to sell Arden University
    “DC Advisory has been appointed to sell online higher education business Arden University, EducationInvestor understands….”
  • New Criteria for Debt Relief
    “Draft plan provides a first look at the Education Department’s new debt relief process for federal student loans….”
  • Changing the Conversation
    “The beleaguered U of Phoenix fires back with new advertising campaign that challenges criticism of the for-profit institution….”
  • When the State Giveth, and Taketh
    “Public college foundations raise money in part to offset tight state budgets. But Rhode Island’s governor is tapping foundation money to pay for state business….”
  • Completion and Controversy
    “City Colleges of Chicago Chancellor Cheryl Hyman, who is widely heralded for leading graduation-rate improvements, faces faculty unrest over new tuition rates and program consolidations….”
  • Billion-Dollar Targets
    “Lawmakers are again raising questions about wealthy universities’ endowments — and tossing around ideas to crack down on them….”
  • ‘Breakpoint’ in Higher Ed
    “Author discusses his new book on “the changing marketplace” facing colleges and universities….”

Local News


  • Inside the Fight Against California’s Charter Schools
    “The growth of charter schools has jolted the landscape of public education in San Diego County. And despite efforts to limit the spread of these independently run schools, there’s no sign of their expansion slowing down….”





  • Charter School Bills Advance
    “Both education committees in the Legislature passed bills that would allow students to attend charter schools located in districts outside their own. As the law stands now, students must live in the school district where the charter school is created in order to attend. Jackson currently has the only two of these schools in the state. Both have plans to expand to serve more grades in upcoming years….”



  • What High Court Just Did to the Way Phila. Schools are Run
    “Teacher reassignments. Caps on charters. School closings. All those weighty matters could be up in the air in Philadelphia schools, after this week’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision that stripped the School Reform Commission of extraordinary powers it had believed it had – and had used – under state law….”

World News