February 13, 2015 – February 20, 2015

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National News

  • Codecademy CEO Zach Sims Wants To Fix The Broken Education System
    “Codecademy’s chief executive said in an interview that his company aims to fix the ills of higher education — namely student loan debt burdens and poor job prospects for graduates — by “rethinking education from the bottom up….”
  • Prioritizing Partnerships
    “In international education circles, it’s not uncommon to hear of an institution that has 100 or more partnerships with foreign universities — several hundred, even. But how should universities assess the value of these partnerships and determine which ones to prioritize — and which ones, perhaps, to prune?…”
  • Moving Ahead With Competency
    “The online, competency-based certificate Bellevue College offered last year was a hit with students. In fact, the certificate in business software was so popular that the two-year college in Washington State decided to drop its conventional online version….”
  • Penn Strengthens Campus Security by Reviving Its Surrounding Neighborhood
    “While other campuses were fencing themselves off from communities to thwart crime, the University of Pennsylvania created a public safety buffer zone beyond its campus into adjacent neighborhoods and formed security alliances with Philadelphia’s police force and other local colleges….”
  • Preparing for the Worst: Campus Security Since Virginia Tech
    “Seven years after the mass shootings at Virginia Tech, colleges and universities continue to shake up their emergency communications and response capabilities to shootings and other criminal threats….”
  • BD+C Exclusive: How Security is Influencing Campus Design and Construction
    “Campus crime—whether real or perceived—presents Building Teams with more opportunities for early-stage consultation with university clients….”

Local News




  • Philadelphia Approves Five New Charter Schools
    “Philadelphia’s financially distressed school district, one of the country’s biggest battlegrounds over the expansion of charter schools, approved five new charters on Wednesday in a contentious meeting marked by protests, shouting and arrests….”


  • Private Dallas College Plans to Put Students to Work
    “Starting this fall, all students at the school will be given jobs in offices and departments on campus, or with local businesses. They will work during their entire enrollment. In exchange, they will pay far less in tuition….”



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