December 7, 2015 – December 14, 2015

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National News

  • Streamlined Business Processes Critical to Creating Value for Students
    “Today’s higher education marketplace is more competitive than ever before, and institutions are investing significant resources in an array of services and amenities aimed at creating a great student experience. But non-traditional students—the majority of today’s student demographic—aren’t wowed by climbing walls or dormitories; they simply expect a consumer experience comparable to any other major purchase they make….”
  • Shifting From Recognizing to Verifying Non-Credit Education: The Movement to Diplomas
    “Designing and offering creative and effective micro-credentials helps to put value back into non-credit education when it comes to workforce development….”
  • Unifying Statewide Education to Create a Credential Ladder
    “Creating a unified postsecondary system that allows students to use past credentials to build towards advanced credentials is critical to meeting the educational demands of an advanced, knowledge-based workforce….”
  • Fall of a For-Profit
    “The for-profit institution, based in Colorado under the privately held Alta Colleges company, announced last month that it would stop enrolling new students. That decision came after the college made an agreement with the Illinois attorney general’s office to wipe out $15 million in student loans….”
  • Every Student Succeeds Act Signed Into Law
    “The new law, Obama said, will ensure graduates are college and career ready, holding everyone to high standards; replace a one-size-fits-all approach by giving states control to implement standards and eliminate unnecessary standardized tests; expand access to high-quality preschools; and uphold the core value of the original Elementary and Secondary Education Act by reaffirming that the right to an education is a civil right, regardless or race, income, or background….”
  • 8 Major Challenges Acting Ed Secretary John King Will Face in 2016
    “John B. King Jr. takes over as acting secretary of education Jan. 1, assuming the position with barely more than one year left in President Barack Obama’s second term….”
  • The Leaky Pipeline
    “Improved transfer pathways from community colleges to four-year institutions may be the best answer to America’s college completion woes, say three influential groups that will prod states and colleges on transfer….”

Local News


  • Grand Canyon University Plans $400M in Construction Projects
    “About half of that will be spent over the next couple of years, including the construction of a second engineering building, three new residence halls, another parking garage and a four-story office building to house student services and corporate executives….”


  • Miramar College Gets $2M to Train Hi-Tech Auto Mechanics
    “San Diego Miramar College will lead a statewide program in which community colleges will train automotive technicians to repair and maintain vehicles using alternative fuels and advanced technology, the San Diego Community College District announced Friday….”


  • School Districts Can Apply for Construction Bonds
    “Illinois school districts can now apply for low- to no-interest rate bonds to pay for construction projects, repairs, renovations and other building needs through the Qualified School Construction Bond program. The Illinois State Board of Education approved program guidelines and the application process during its Nov. 20 meeting. The state anticipates distributing more than $495 million in bonding authority to school districts…..”


  • Special Education Students Drawn to Maine Charter Schools
    “Special education students enroll in Maine’s charter schools at a rate that is twice the national average. Maine’s experience runs counter to the argument that charter schools intentionally under enroll these high-cost, high-needs students with an eye to lowering costs and, perhaps, improving overall academic performance – critical factors in attracting future students and donors….”
  • What Will the University of Maine Do with an Indoor Ocean?
    “The University of Maine at Orono is looking to scale down the sea and make it approachable to innovators with its new Ocean Engineering Laboratory, a $13.8-million simulator capable of creating waves that top 100 feet and winds that exceed 200 mph….”


  • Higher Education Plan Sets Five-Year Goals for Missouri Colleges
    “All of the areas are important, but meeting the affordability goal should be the top priority, said Deb Hollingsworth, a retired AT&T executive and co-chairwoman of the committee. [Including:] Increasing state spending on research to provide matching funds for federal and private grants.[And] Stronger partnerships between institutions and businesses, government and communities….”

New York


  • Future Forward Offers a Second Chance
    “The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office (DAO) and the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) are launching a program that will expunge certain criminal records for participants who enroll at the college and successfully complete its requirements. The program, called the first of its kind in the nation and the creation of District Attorney R. Seth Williams, is designed to increase access to educational opportunities and reduce recidivism….”

World News

  • Kaplan International to Buy Mander Portman Woodward
    “Global education business Kaplan has agreed to buy Mander Portman Woodward, the London-based private college group, from US private equity owners Levine Leichtman Capital Partners.The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but EducationInvestor understands the business fetched towards the middle of its £100-150 million price range….”
  • Explore International Student Trends in 3 Charts
    “Check out where international students in the U.S. are coming from, where they’re staying and what they’re studying. The Institute of International Education this week released its annual Open Doors report, which provides data on international students in the U.S. as well as on study abroad trends among American students….”