December 19, 2014 – January 2, 2015

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National News

  • 2015’s Top 10 Legislative Issues to Watch
    “New realities are a given in any governmental year, but the 2015 crop includes some unusually potent ones. Legislators will be dealing with widespread water shortages, dwindling transportation funds, the emergence of new drugs that threaten to blow up Medicaid budgets, and revised pension accounting rules, among other challenges….”
  • How Might These 6 For-Profit Institutions Fare in 2015?
    “What will 2015 bring for the for-profit college industry? A major factor in the prognosis will be federal regulation. While a Republican-controlled Congress should help block an aggressive regulatory push by the Obama administration, the U.S. Department of Education’s gainful employment rule is set to take effect in July….”
  • Career Education Corp. to Sell Le Cordon Bleu Colleges of Culinary Arts
    “Career Education Corporation announced Monday that it plans to pursue the divestiture of its Le Cordon Bleu North America colleges of culinary arts. The decision was the result of an ongoing portfolio review that Career Education has undertaken to evaluate the strategic direction of the company….”
  • MOOCs in 2014: Breaking Down the Numbers
    “At TechCrunch Disrupt this year, Coursera Co-Founder Daphne Koller claimed that 2014 is the year MOOCs will come of age. An ecosystem has now developed around MOOCs: hundreds of people employed full-time (the big three–Coursera, Udacity and edX–employ more than a hundred people each), thousands of people involved in the creation of MOOCs, many millions in funding, and, importantly, millions in revenue….”
  • Angels And Universities: Finding The Next Google
    “What is often surprising to learn is how difficult it is for angels and universities to work together to bring these technologies to market. While Google GOOGL -0.26%, started by Stanford graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry Page, is forever connected to the university through licensing agreements, many successful companies such as Facebook, Microsoft MSFT +0.65% and Dell weren’t. Although they were conceived of by college students, they were started after the founders left school….”
  • The Fate Of The Administration’s College Ratings
    “Today, details of the Obama administration’s plan known as the Postsecondary Institutional Ratings System, or PIRS, finally saw the light of day. The idea, in this incarnation, was just under three years old….”
  • How Can Education, Industry Close the Skills Gap and Fill U.S. Jobs?
    “Shortcomings in our education and workforce development systems continue to widen the skills gap. Left unchanged, the supply of skilled workers will dwindle — leaving some 5 million jobs vacant by 2018 — and won’t keep pace with the demands of a modern economy or the needs of employers struggling to compete….”
  • Construction Put in Place Enjoyed Healthy Gains in 2014
    “Construction consultant FMI foresees—with some caveats—continuing growth in the office, lodging, and manufacturing sectors. But funding uncertainties raise red flags in education and healthcare….”
  • The Big Data Revolution: How Data-Driven Design is Transforming Project Planning
    “There’s a facilities arms race happening in higher education and other sectors, where the feeling is, ‘More is better,’” says Janks, Principal and Director of Sasaki Strategies, a group formed in 2005 to bring a strong analytical function to the firm’s planning and design work. “What we’re trying to promote is more isn’t necessarily better; better is better. We’re using a more objective, somewhat scientific approach to help our clients indentify the projects that will add the most value. Instead of asking, ‘What do you think you need?,’ we’re able to help them prioritize their needs.”
  • Enhancing Interior Comfort While Improving Overall Building Efficacy
    “Providing more comfortable conditions to building occupants has become a top priority in today’s interior designs. Optimized daylighting, shading strategies, well-coordinated lighting controls, and underfloor air distribution systems can contribute to improved occupant comfort and energy savings….”
  • Reflections on 2014 from New America’s PreK-12 Ed Policy Team
    “New America’s education experts offer our insights on some of the most interesting, promising, or troubling developments, as well as some predictions and questions about what 2015 will bring….”
  • 15 Higher Education Predictions for 2015
    “Congress has gone home, final exams are finished, and the holidays are almost done. So as we close the books on 2014, New America’s education program offers 15 higher education predictions for what we think will happen in the year ahead….”
  • Rising Tuition Costs, Low Graduation Rates and Innovative Community Colleges: A Look Back at Hechinger’s Top Higher Ed Stories of 2014
    “The Hechinger Report has sent reporters around the country to cover some of the most pressing problems in higher education – and highlighting programs that might solve them….”
  • Academia Works to Keep Up with Evolving Gaming Industry
    “More colleges are developing courses to focus on the $21.5 billion video game industry, according to the Houston Chronicle….”

Local News


  • Republicans to Bring Up Charter School Bill in 2015
    “Alabama is one of eight states that do not allow charter schools, and some legislators want to change that. Several Republican lawmakers said they will make another push to establish charter schools in Alabama, at least on a limited basis. Republican Sen. Dick Brewbaker of Pike Road said he believes families need more education options for their children….”


  • ASU Finalizes Agreement to Integrate Thunderbird School
    “Arizona State University has inked a final agreement to take control of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, ensuring the Glendale college’s financial future but also ending nearly seven decades of independence….”


  • 57 Michigan School Districts in Deficit, State Says
    “The number of school districts and charter schools operating at a deficit increased during the past fiscal year and included Michigan’s state-run district for failing schools, according to a report from Michigan education officials….”

New York

  • Cuomo Signals Changes for Education Next Year
    “Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signaled on Thursday that he intended to push next year for sweeping changes to the state’s education system, with goals that include making it easier to fire low-performing teachers and increasing the number of charter schools….”
  • Education Commish Wants a Stop to Limiting Charter Schools
    “State Education Commissioner John King is going out with a bang — recommending that Gov. Cuomo and the Legislature totally scrap restrictions on how many charter schools can open in New York….”


World News

  • Cunninghams Acquisition Leads to New Education Payments Business
    “Canada’s Jonas Software has bought education payment solutions reseller Cunninghams Cash Registers and merged it with CRB Solutions, a supplier.The move creates a single business, CRB Education Solutions, which hopes to lead the UK market. It will provide cashless catering, identity management and online payment solutions for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities across the UK….”
  • TVET UK Establishes Foothold in Kazakhstan and Algeria
    “TVET UK, an organisation that supports British educational exports, has opened its first offices in Kazakhstan and Algeria….”