December 12 – December 19, 2014

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National News

  • Advocates Petition for Corinthian Sale Safeguards
    “Some 50 advocacy groups are petitioning the heads of the U.S. Department of Education, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Department of Justice with “grave concerns” about the proposed sale of 56 Corinthian Colleges Inc. campuses….”
  • Letter from 50 Advocacy Groups to the U.S. Department of Education Regarding Corinthian Sale
    “As advocates for students, veterans, consumers, civil rights and college access, we write to express grave concerns about the proposed sale of 56 Corinthian Colleges campuses to ECMC Group, a debt collector and loan servicer….”
  • 7 Ways Higher Ed Institutions are Increasingly Joining Forces
    “Collaborations between universities are nothing new, but several factors are fostering more cooperative agreements between a number of higher education institutions — even one-time rivals….”
  • U.S. Law School Enrollments Drop 6.9% in 2014
    “First-year enrollment was 37,924, down 4.4% from 2013 and 27.7% from the 2010 peak, the American Bar Association reported…”
  • The Next Big Thing In Business Education
    “The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Berlin, whose full-time MBA ranked #3 among international business schools in the latest Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranking, launched an MiM last year after an intense design phase with German corporates….”
  • Career Education Corp. Will Sell 16 Campuses
    “The Career Education Corporation will sell off its 16 culinary-arts campuses, though the for-profit educator has not identified a buyer, according to a corporate filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission….”
  • GOP Gives Feds’ College Rating Plan an F
    “GOP critics frame the rating plan — expected Friday — as yet another example of arrogance and imperialism from the White House. They argue that it’s not just presumptuous, but logistically impossible for the Education Department to assess the quality of so many institutions, ranging from Harvard to Honolulu Community College….”
  • Obama’s College-Ratings Plan Arrives, but Most Specifics Stay Behind
    “It doesn’t say what format the ratings will take, and it doesn’t clarify whether the department will publish a single, composite rating, or a series of ratings….”
  • Predictions for K-12 Education in 2015
    “Like many of today’s teachers, I used pencils and typewriters when I went to school. Today’s kindergartners arrive on their first day of school with tapping, swiping and “Googling” skills that it has taken many of us years to master. By middle school, they are texting, tweeting and posting photos on Instagram—tasks that no one had heard of even just a few years ago….”
  • Oldest U.S. Black College on Verge of Financial Collapse
    “The nation’s oldest black college, Cheyney University, one of Pennsylvania’s 14 state-run universities, is on the verge of a financial meltdown that threatens its ability to continue operating, a state official said on Wednesday….”

Local News


New York

  • Dowling College Fears Closure
    “Dowling, with a beautiful campus on Long Island that once belonged to the Vanderbilts, is a poster child for the nation’s struggling private colleges….”

Rhode Island


 World News

  • Malsis School in Administration After Failed Merger
    “EY has been appointed to wind up the beleaguered Malsis School Trust following an unsuccessful attempt to merge it with another school….”
  • The State of Higher Education in the Middle East
    “Thanks to a population heavily skewed towards youth and a growing middle-class affluence in many of the markets, the higher education sector in the Middle East is now a viable target for many international institutions’ global expansion plans….”