August 31, 2015 – September 8, 2015

Industry Related Reports

National News

  • Facebook Accelerates Education Plans
    “The social network giant plans to distribute free educational software which facilitates personalized learning to schools across the US….”
  • University Endowment Returns Fall With Equity, Bond Markets
    “U.S. public-university endowments, including the country’s second-wealthiest at the University of Texas, are reporting fiscal 2015 returns that fail to meet the annual industry standard….”
  • How The World’s Biggest Education Company Will Spend The Next $2 Billion
    “Pearson was already the biggest education company in the world. Now its education business is getting even bigger. In the past several weeks, the company has sold off its two major media brands, the Financial Times (for $1.3 billion) and The Economist (for about $730 million)….”
  • The K-14 School Model
    “To prepare all students for the 21st-century workforce, we must do a better job of teaching job-ready skills and equipping the next generation to thrive in the global economy….”
  • Duncan: U.S. Needs to Modernize Its Schools
    “Students can no longer sit down after graduation and apply for jobs from the classified section. They need career training long before they receive their diplomas. The K-14 model does exactly that. With technical education, experience in the workplace, and mentors in their chosen field, these young people gain a solid career footing and a chance to punch their ticket to the middle class….”
  • To Diversify Schools, Expand Charters
    “Children are sorted based on zip code, the haves divided from the have-nots at an early age. In one system, high-quality teachers and instruction and challenging classwork add up to academic success. In the other, too many poor-quality teachers and weak course offerings leave children without the critical-thinking skills and content mastery they need to succeed….”
  • Toyota Invests $50 Million In Stanford University, MIT For Intelligent Car
    “Toyota will be investing $50 million over to the next five years to set up joint research centers at Stanford University and MIT for developing ‘intelligent’ self-driving cars. The two research centers will focus on using technology to make driving safer by inventing ways for cars to recognize their surroundings and make decisions that would avert potential accidents….”
  • Support for Free Public Higher Education
    “While Bernie Sanders has been attracting considerable support on campuses, few college presidents have been speaking out on behalf of his plan to make public higher education free. And although college association leaders have applauded Sanders and Hillary Clinton for highlighting public concerns about college affordability, they have been tepid in endorsing the specifics of the plans….”
  • Shift in Focus
    “The bulk of this conversation has shifted from getting more people into higher education, like through community colleges, to the best way to help those coming out of college with as little debt as possible…But the shift doesn’t seem to bother advocates of two-year free community college initiatives, who don’t see either idea as divorced from the other….”
  • When the Only Seat Is in Front of a Screen
    “Students at the University of Central Florida are fighting for seats in the institution’s crowded lecture halls. Those who can’t find a spot have to tune in online….”
  • States Agree On The Need For Preschool, But Disagree On The Definition
    “Policymakers in Minnesota, like many across the country, have been impressed by studies that show early education can improve a child’s life and save taxpayers money over the long term. But while there’s a growing consensus on the value of preschool, states disagree on where the programs should be based, who should run them, or how the government should support them….”
  • Top 4 Ways to Apply Big Data in Higher Education
    “With more than 425,000 students set to start university in the coming weeks, here’s how big data can help institutions provide the best service possible….”

Local News


  • Wichita State Adds Chief Information Officer
    “Wichita State University has hired Toney Flack as its chief information officer. Flack is responsible for all of the university’s enterprise-level technology infrastructure. He’s also overseeing tech-related academic and administrative services at WSU….”


  • Plugged In: University Eliminates Textbooks
    “It’s a move that will save students millions of dollars a year. The University of Maryland – University College is eliminating text books. Instead, students will access reading materials and videos online at no cost….”


  • Simmons College’s Painful Choice to Move MBA Online
    “In a decision that shocked many of its alumnae, Simmons College has decided to shutter its brick-and-mortar, women-only MBA program and offer the degree online only… dwindling enrollment and a less-than-lustrous financial picture weighed down the 40-year-old program, despite a distinctive niche and an impressive roster of alumnae….”

New Mexico

  • NMSU Joins Effort to Streamline Online Education
    “This summer, New Mexico State University joined the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) after the state of New Mexico joined the initiative in May. It’s part of a nationwide effort to make it easier for students to take online classes across state lines….”

New York

  • Adelphi University Takes Different Approach to Cut Energy Spend
    “Adelphi University announced that it is working with First American Education Finance and Ecosystem Energy Services to dramatically reduce its energy spend with the implementation of a new co-generation central heating plant. Adelphi will fund the project with First American using a cash-flow neutral funding strategy that will align the cost of payments to annual energy savings….”


  • Pair of Southwest Ohio Colleges Await Accreditation Status
    “Two small higher education institutions in southwestern Ohio are waiting to learn their accreditation status, necessary for students to be eligible for certain types of financial aid. A Higher Learning Commission meeting in November will determine if Antioch College in Yellow Springs, and Wilberforce University will be accredited, the Dayton Daily News reported….”

South Carolina


  • Hope in Wisconsin
    “Facing what is sure to be a difficult retention season, given this year’s battles over the future of higher education funding and tenure in Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin at Madison is today announcing the results of a massive donation-matching campaign aimed at recognizing top faculty members with endowed chairs….”


World News

  • Intercollegiate Sports Go International
    “In November, the University of Washington and the University of Texas will face off in their first basketball game of the season. Neither team will have a home court advantage, however, as the contest will take place more than 5,000 miles away from either campus….”
  • Octopus Invests in SCM World
    “Octopus Investments has taken an undisclosed debt and equity minority stake in education and training firm SCM World….”
  • Educas Invests in Two International Schools
    “Investment group Educas has invested in two international schools in Colombia and Kenya, EducationInvestor has learned….”
  • GEMS Education Closes Dh3 Billion Refi
    “GEMS Education, the Dubai-based schools group, has closed a Dh3 billion (£530 million) debt refinancing deal, according to the firm….”