August 24, 2015 – August 31, 2015

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  • How The World’s Biggest Education Company Will Spend The Next $2 Billion
    “Pearson was already the biggest education company in the world. Now its education business is getting even bigger. In the past several weeks, the company has sold off its two major media brands, the Financial Times (for $1.3 billion) and The Economist (for about $730 million)….”
  • Can Blended Learning Solve the US Teacher Drought?
    “Nearly every profession has wrestled with this question: will machines, often providing cheaper and more consistent labor, replace humans in the workforce?…”
  • More Universities Send Freshmen Abroad
    “Some believe studying abroad increases retention and graduation….”
  • How High-Schoolers Spent Their Summer: Online, Taking More Courses
    “Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, were originally intended as college-level work that would be accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. But among the millions of people who have signed up for these classes, there are now an untold number of teenagers looking for courses their high schools do not offer and often, as a bonus, to nab one more exploit that might impress the college of their dreams….”
  • AAC&U Announces 12 Institutions Participating in New Initiative
    “Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence: Campus-Based Strategies for Student Success” initiative funded by USA Funds. Designed to enhance student success and academic achievement, especially among underserved populations of low-income, first-generation and minority students, as well as adult learners….”
  • How to Fix America’s Crazy High Costs of College
    “Once upon a time, we were a nation of farmers. Schools were few and far between, for the simple reason that they were largely unnecessary. Then came the Industrial Revolution. Factories mass-produced goods; goods begat services; and services required a modicum of math, literacy and other skills deemed essential to the prosperity of a growing middle class….”

Local News


  • Alabama Charter Schools Won’t Open Until 2017
    “Lawmakers voted earlier this year to pass Alabama’s first charter schools law, which would allow the state to charter schools that run independently but receive state funds. “It seems to me it’s going to be very difficult for anyone to come along with a successful application within a year,” said Ed Richardson, the newly-elected chair of the 11-member commission….”



  • UM Life Science & Tech Park Seeks County Funds for $112M Expansion
    “The owner of the University of Miami Life Science and Technology Park has requested county funding to support a $112.1 million expansion with a mixed-use hotel and innovation center.The project would bring one of the world’s most successful coworking space innovation companies to Miami. The catch is that the commission has already allocated all of the money in the bond program that the developer hopes to tap. Wexford Miami would only get the money if a previously approved applicant falls through….”



  • Baltimore Needs School Choice
    “Consider Victor Hugo’s words: “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” Annually, Maryland spends nearly three times the amount to incarcerate a person ($38,000) than to educate that same person ($14,000)….”

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