August 22 – August 29, 2014

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National News   

  • The Teacher-Less Classroom Is Not As Close As You Think
    “A popular vision of the future of education in the internet age is that teachers will become superfluous, but research suggests that the goal of students directing their own learning is still a dream and the teacher-less classroom is not as close as you think….”
  • The Role of State Policy in Promoting College Affordability
    “This article considers trends in state policies that determine college affordability, including trends in state general appropriations, institutional tuition and fees, and state student financial aid. Taken together, these trends demonstrate erosion in college affordability….”
  • Anthem Bows Out
    “After years of enrollment losses, Anthem Education, a for-profit chain of colleges and career institutes, filed for bankruptcy Monday. The company has abruptly shut down a number of its campuses, leaving state agencies struggling to funnel displaced students into other institutions. Nine more campuses may close today, Anthem officials said….”

Local News


  • Judge to State: Pay Up $317 Million to Schools
    “Arizona’s next governor and state Legislature may have a financial mess on their hands when they take office in January because those before them didn’t adequately fund public education….”


North Dakota

  • North Dakota Universities Crumble as Oil Cash Pours In
    “North Dakota is struggling to finance deteriorating public universities even as it experiences the biggest energy boom in its history, raising concern that less prosperous states will face more serious funding challenges….”

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