August 17 – August 24, 2015

Industry Related Reports

National News

  • Inside Look: Sustainable Campus Buildings
    “Expectations of energy efficiency and green facilities features….”
  • The Hidden Force in For-Profit Closures
    “The messy unwinding of Corinthian Colleges was an unprecedented dance among various actors: the U.S. Department of Education, state attorneys general, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and buyers like ECMC’s Zenith Group — not to mention members of Congress and student and consumer groups. But another, far less visible, entity also had a strong interest in and influence on the outcome: Bank of America and a handful of other banks….”
  • Borrowing For College Set To Hit 5-Year Low
    “Declining enrollment and reduced borrowing by students at for-profit colleges contribute to the drop….”
  • Feds Search for Corinthian Funds
    “Corinthian’s campuses “appear to have violated” federal rules governing how colleges must manage the money they receive from federal student loans and grants, according to a document filed by Justice Department lawyers who are representing the Education Department in Corinthian’s bankruptcy case….”
  • New Debt Relief Rules Coming
    “The Obama administration is planning new regulations that will set clearer standards for discharging the federal student loans of defrauded borrowers and give the U.S. Department of Education new tools to recoup money from colleges where it finds misconduct…..”
  • U of Miami’s Pedroso Talks IT Consolidation, Cross-Campus Challenges
    “Consolidating IT across several campuses and hundreds of professionals is no easy task — just ask University of Miami Director of IT Rocky Pedroso, who started with the university eight years ago as a systems administrator and has also served as a help desk supervisor. …..”
  • State Agrees to Study Teacher Shortage
    “A state legislative committee will study Indiana’s teacher’s shortage in October. The state’s Interim Study Committee on Education has scheduled a meeting to study the issue at 1 p.m. Oct. 19 at the Indiana Statehouse….”
  • Perfecting the Development Pitch for Student Housing
    “This year looks good for the student housing business, but next year may be even better, according to the latest research from data firm Axiometrics Inc., based in Dallas….”

Local News


  • New Debate Over School Reserve Cap
    “School finance leaders and education officials from throughout the county and state have launched a last-ditch effort in recent days to persuade the Legislature to lift new limits on so-called “rainy day funds….”
  • New Bill Would Protect School Contractors’ Payments
    “A newly amended bill would allow contractors whose “lease-leaseback” school construction agreements are declared illegal to keep their payments.The legislation is aimed at counteracting the impacts of a state appellate court decision in June that a construction contract issued by Fresno Unified School District violated both competitive bidding and conflict-of-interest statutes….”


  • School Board to Discuss $300M Growth
    “With a consultant recommending the construction of at least seven new schools at a cost more than $320 million over the next decade, the Sarasota County School Board will vet funding options during a workshop Tuesday….”

North Carolina

  • Wake County to Add 13 New Schools
    “Laura Evans, the district’s senior director of student assignment, said the expansion is needed because more than 40,000 new students are projected to join the school system by 2024. In total, there will be eight new elementary schools, three new middle schools, and two new high schools….”


  • Gov. Haslam Moves to Outsource Building Management, Services in Higher Education
    “Administration officials on Aug. 11 placed a Request for Information for “facilities management outsourcing” on its website for companies that might be interested in the business. It could generate millions of dollars in profit for the eventual winner. The contract would include building services and management for state prisons, hospitals and more in addition to higher education, according to the RFI….”


  • 2 Charter Schools Closing within Days of Starting Dates
    “Two charter schools will close permanently after the Utah State Charter School Board proposed last week to terminate the schools, which were put on probation early this year for budget, enrollment and academic problems….”

World News

  • Academic Ranking of World Universities 2015 Results
    “Mainland China has continued to improve its performance in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, but the US and Europe still dominate the table….”
  • Gabonese President to Give Away Inheritance to Build University
    “In a national address, Ali Bongo Ondimba said that he would give away all the money that he receives from his late father, former president Omar Bongo Ondimba, to set up a foundation for young people and education….”
  • Doing It Themselves: The Rebuilding of Somalia’s Higher Education Sector
    “The ineffectiveness of the Mogadishu government is not stopping university leaders from trying to drive up standards. Now, stability is returning and reconstruction is under way. The national university reopened last year and the potential for higher education is huge: three-quarters of the East African country’s population is younger than 30, while 46 per cent is below the age of 15….”