August 10 – August 17, 2015

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  • America’s Prettiest College Campuses
    “From big Ivy Leagues to teeny tiny liberal arts colleges, there’s no shortage of gorgeousness when it comes to higher education. These are our 11 picks for the most beautiful academic establishments in the country….”
  • The IT Leadership Challenge in Higher Ed
    “Technology demands in higher education are changing faster than IT professionals can keep up. Today’s college IT department is “not built for future needs.” And add to that a “greying” of the IT leadership ranks, with nearly 50 percent of current campus CIOs eligible to retire over the next five to 10 years….”
  • It’s Hard to Differentiate One Higher-Ed Brand From Another
    “In a recent study, Gallup found that the mission, purpose or vision statements of more than 50 higher education institutions share striking similarities, regardless of institution size, public or private status, land-grant status or religious affiliation, or for-profit or not-for-profit status…..”
  • Debt-Free College Plans Could have Far-Reaching Consequences
    “Should the plans ever become law, private colleges would see new challenges and greater competition….”
  • US: Bridgepoint Education Posts $1.7M Loss
    “US education news site Education Week has acquired Learning Matters, a TV production and video reporting firm which covers US schools….”
  • The Pension Crisis at Public Universities
    “While massive state- and city-pension debts across the country have gotten anxious scrutiny from lawmakers and the public, their effect on public universities and colleges has gone largely unnoticed….”
  • Teacher Shortages Spur a Nationwide Hiring Scramble
    “Across the country, districts are struggling with shortages of teachers, particularly in math, science and special education — a result of the layoffs of the recession years combined with an improving economy in which fewer people are training to be teachers….”
  • Six Trajectories for Digital Technology in Higher Education
    “When we consider the future roles of digital technology in higher education, it is often helpful to think in terms of trajectories rather than predictions…In terms of teaching and learning, I would like to suggest three characteristics that provide context for the following discussion of six digital technology trajectories…..”
  • Beyond Active Learning: Transformation of the Learning Space
    “The next generation of learning spaces will take all the characteristics of an active learning environment—flexibility, collaboration, team-based, project-based—and add the capability of creating and making….”
  • The Market Is Sending A Message About Modalities: Are We Listening?
    “In the first installment of this series, the discussion focused on how research comparing online and traditional courses typically pursues the wrong question and suggested we first understand why alternative educational modalities exist….”
  • Future-Gazing: What Learning Ecosystems Might Look Like By 2025
    “What the most important aspects of online course design end up being 10 years from now depends upon what types of “channels” I think there will be and what might be offered via those channels. By channels, I mean forms, methods and avenues of learning that a person could pursue and use. In 2015, some example channels might be…”

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  • When the Sum Isn’t Greater
    “Wisconsin doesn’t have a single, unified community college system — and many of the educators at the state’s two-year institutions say that’s a good thing. But as a legislative committee considers possibly merging the state’s two separate two-year systems, some politicians are questioning whether a more traditional community college model would work better for the state….”

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