August 1 – August 8, 014

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  • Supporters Make Case for California School Bond
    “Legislative supporters of putting a multibillion-dollar school construction bond on the fall ballot kicked off efforts Monday to pass the measure by the end of next week, with California’s largest homebuilding group warning that the state otherwise faces a “nuclear option” of more expensive homes….”
  • Amid Bumps, New School Funding System Rolls Out in California“Educators say the state was slow to roll out rules for the system, which gives schools their first significant authority over spending since the late 1970s, when the state took over education funding after a taxpayer revolt and lawsuits challenging funding disparities….”



  • Corbett to Advance $265M to Philly Schools
    “Gov. Corbett said Wednesday that he would advance the troubled Philadelphia school system $265 million, but officials said that action – which represents no new revenue or savings – would not avert layoffs or guarantee that schools would open on time.

World News

  • New Plan Would Exchange UK Tuition Hike for Assuming Loan Debt
    “The UK is considering allowing universities to raise tuition fees above the cap of £9,000 ($15,146) a year if they will take on the student loan debts under a plan which will have to pass muster with ministers….”
  • Chinese Leaders Demand Education Against Western Lifestyles
    “Chinese authorities want officials to receive intense education to increase their faith in Communism and to curb corruption.  The Organization Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee says that because of socio-economic changes in China and abroad, officials have lost their faith and are in a state of moral decline….”