April 3, 2015 – April 10, 2015

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  • What Will It Take to Redesign and Reinvigorate American Higher Education?
    “In advance of the Zócalo event “What Are Universities For?” we asked scholars: Does the contemporary university need to be redesigned to address these problems—and if so, how?…”
  • Korean-Language Classes are Growing in Popularity at U.S. Colleges
    “According to a recent national study, enrollment in Korean language courses at U.S. colleges and universities showed the largest percentage growth of any foreign language….”
  • Where 3 Accountability Measures Meet, a Hazardous Intersection
    “The Venn diagram below shows just how little overlap there is among colleges facing sanctions or potential sanctions for violating the department’s standards under these metrics: Only 26 institutions ran into trouble in all three categories….”
  • Drexel University Finds a Brilliant (and Crazy?) New Way to Use iPads
    “These days, it’s not surprising to see all sorts of strange and unusual items in vending machines. Even on the consumer electronics front, it’s easy to spot vending machines sporting high-end earphones and even iPods. But what we haven’t yet seen is a vending machine that dispenses iPads….”
  • US: LinkedIn to Buy Lynda.com for $1.5BN
    “Professional online network company, LinkedIn, has acquired e-learning site lynda.com for a transaction value of $1.5 billion, of which 52% will be paid in cash and 48% in stock….”
  • Educents Raises $2.9M to Grow Instructional Materials Marketplace
    “Giving teachers more freedom and dollars to buy the instructional materials they need only makes sense. And Educents aims to do just that, with the help of a $2.9 million seed round led by SoftTech VC, with Crosslink Capital, Deep Fork Capital, Kapor Capital and Learn Capital also participating….”
  • Emerging Path to Federal Aid
    “A scenario in which a student can use a Pell Grant to help pay for a bundle of edX courses no longer seems so far-fetched….”
  • Inside Intel’s Education Accelerator
    “The Intel Education Accelerator is open to both K-12 and higher-ed startups, with “special consideration for companies focused on data analytics and adaptive learning,” according to the press release….”
  • Boom. Here Comes Salt Lake City’s Edtech Accelerator
    “BoomStartup, an Utah-based tech accelerator with campuses in Park City, Provo and Salt Lake City, has chosen education as its first vertical-specific program….”
  • A Merger of Two Chicago Edtech Startups: Modern Teacher and Digedu
    “Two Chicago education companies–digedu and Modern Teacher–have merged; the new entity will retain the name, Modern Teacher….”
  • All I Know About Data, I Learned From Buying a TV
    “How then should educators make effective decisions? The easy answer is to say, “use data,” but ask an educator what that means and you’ll often get an answer shallow on specifics. The National Council on Teaching Quality and the US Department of Education have both reported educators’ lack of comfort in using data as part of their decision-making process….”
  • 3 Trends Changing the Face of For-Profit Higher Ed
    “Deserved or not, the for-profit sector is perhaps higher ed’s most controversial. And in recent years, that reputation has brought on something of a state of upheaval….”
  • Starbucks and Arizona State U. Will Expand Tuition-Discount Partnership
    “ASU’s president, Michael M. Crow, said they were doing so because of continuing demand and the success of the initial program — since the summer, about 3,400 Starbucks employees submitted completed applications, 3,000 were accepted, and nearly 2,000 enrolled….”
  • Ed-Tech Entrepreneur Returns, Hoping to Connect Colleges and Start-Ups
    “Less than two years after being ordered by an accreditor to shutter the 2,500-student Ivy Bridge College at Tiffin University and then selling most of what was left of his Altius Education to another company, Mr. Freedman is back on the ed-tech scene with an unusual business approach designed to bridge the gap between what colleges actually need and what Silicon Valley-type companies are creating….”

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  • Closing a Meriden Campus Just the Beginning of College Cuts
    “As public protests mount against the unexpected announcement that Middlesex Community College’s Meriden campus will close this spring, students and the public can brace for many more sudden cuts at the state’s community colleges and regional universities….”



  • DFL Trims Plan for Free Two-Year College
    “In a move that will reduce emissions at its T.B. Simon Power Plant as well as significantly advance its Energy Transition Plan, Michigan State University is taking steps to stop burning coal by the end of 2016, with a majority of coal purchasing and burning ending in 2015….”

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  • Some WNY Schools Could Face Takeover
    “More than 170 schools across the state could face a takeover if they don’t boost their lagging academic performance. The state’s new $142 billion budget paves the way for an outside “receiver” to step in and oversee a school that has long been struggling to improve its graduation rates and student test scores….”

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