April 18, 2016 – April 25, 2016

Industry Related Reports

 National News

  • Scenes From Ed-Tech Heaven (or Hell)
    “The ASU GSV Summit, where investors and start-ups frolic, welcomes more educators and focuses more on working with higher ed than on conquering it….”
  • Can AI Fix Education? We Asked Bill Gates
    “The rise of smartphones has transformed the way students communicate and entertain themselves. But the classrooms they spend so much of their time in remain stubbornly resistant to transformation. On one hand, technology has long had a home in classrooms — I learned to type on an Apple IIe in the late 1980s….”
  • Accreditor Victory in Duel With CFPB
    “Federal judge rules Consumer Financial Protection Bureau lacks the authority to investigate for-profit-college accreditors….”
  • A Health Care Strategy for Higher Ed
    “Hospitals are experimenting with a new model of care to tackle the demands of an aging population. The same model could help colleges improve student retention rates, experts say….”
  • Capella Acquires Software Engineering School for Women
    “US distance learning business Capella Education Group has acquired Hackbright Academy, a non-degree software engineering school for women for $18 million….”

Local News



  • Rebate for Completion
    “Massachusetts is offering money to community college students who enroll full time, finish on time and transfer….”

New York

  • Alpha Plus to Open New York School
    “Britain’s Alpha Plus Group is to open its first American school in New York, EducationInvestor can reveal. The school, which will be called Wetherby-Pembridge School New York, will be located on the Upper East Side near Central Park and will open in September 2017….”

World News

  • Report Calls for Private Sector Involvement in African Education
    “According to the report, published ahead of the company’s Education Innovation’ conference in June, factors such as a high population growth rate and more families looking into non-state education are paving the way for corporate activity…”
  • Apax Partners Snaps up Laureate’s French Institutions
    “For-profit higher education group Laureate has sold its French education division to local private equity firm Apax Partners for an undisclosed sum. The Laureate France division includes the European Business School (EBS); École Centrale d’Electronique (ECE); École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE); executive training business Institut Français de Gestion and Centre d’Études Politiques et de la Communication (CEPC)….”
  • Korea’s Internationalization Challenge
    “An interview with the president of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology….”