April 10, 2015 – April 17, 2015

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NAS: Sustainability – Higher Education’s New Fundamentalism


National News

Autism in College: How are Institutions Helping Students Succeed?

“According to research about the success of students on the autism spectrum in college, 80% of this population does not complete a degree. And the rate of children with autism continues to grow….”

 For U.S. Universities, the Rich Get Richer Faster

“The coffers of the nation’s 40 wealthiest universities, including Harvard University, Stanford University and the University of Michigan, are filling at a faster rate than those of other schools, thanks to particularly strong investment performances and generous donors, according to a report to be published Thursday by Moody’s Investors Service

Harvard Is Sitting on Over $40 Billion

“The assets of the 40 wealthiest institutions, led by Harvard University, have increased 50 percent over the past five years, according to research being released Thursday by Moody’s Investors Service, the New York bond-rating company….”

$9M in New Funding to Help Flatiron School Expand

“New York City-based Flatiron School raised $9 million to grow its operations, which primarily include 12-week coding classes in Manhattan and Brooklyn at this point….”

Small Schools Sidestep Sweet Briar’s Struggles

“But while other higher ed leaders acknowledge this and other challenges, many say the shutting down this year of the 532-student Virginia women’s college does not signal doom for small institutions, including those that are single-sex, rural or religiously affiliated….”

Companies Donate to Construction Lab

“Two companies in the construction industry are donating $1 million to set up what researchers say will be a world-class laboratory at Oregon State University in Corvallis to improve safety for construction workers and the public….”

Redefining Tech, Culture and Curriculum at Katherine Smith Elementary

“Katherine Smith School, an elementary New Tech Network school in San Jose, CA, is now in the third year of a radical reinvention from a traditional test-driven environment into a 21st century school….”

Where Flipped Learning Research Is Going

“Research has shown that the flipped classroom model has a positive impact on student outcomes. Last year, a University of Washington “meta-analysis” of 225 studies compared student performance in undergraduate STEM courses under traditional lecturing vs. active learning….”

Duncan Wants New Law to Include Early Childhood Education, State Oversight

“On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the nation’s main federal education law, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Thursday that Congress needs to craft a modern version that stays true to the law’s intent: to create equal educational opportunity for all children….”

Judge Tosses Lawsuit Over Education Dept.’s Firing of Debt Collectors

“A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit brought by a group of student-loan debt collectors that the U.S. Department of Education fired in March….”

Corinthian Dismantling Continues

“U.S. Department of Education on Tuesday fined Corinthian Colleges nearly $30 million for misrepresenting job placement rates at its Heald College chain, which officials said the troubled for-profit education company must now begin the process of closing….”


Local News


UC Irvine Extension Breaks Ground On New LEED-Platinum Facility

“Opening Fall 2016, New Building will Accommodate Continuing Education Students and Staff….”

California’s Multi-Million Dollar Online Education Flop is Another Blow for MOOCs

“A plan by the University of California to create an all-digital “campus” that would revolutionize higher education by providing courses online for students shut out of the system’s brick-and-mortar classrooms at a time of high demand but falling budgets….”


Tuition Increase Approved for Georgia Colleges, Universities

“Tuition at twenty of the schools in the University System will increase by 2. 5 percent, with rates at the remaining 10 schools increasing between 3 percent and 9 percent….”

New York

How Albany, Not Syracuse, Got a Homeland Security College

“A couple of years ago, State Senator John DeFrancisco approached the Cuomo administration with an idea to establish the nation’s first college specializing in homeland security….”


University of Akron’s Claim That It Offers Best Value Draws Objections From Community Colleges

“In announcing a new pilot program offering reduced-price general education courses, the University of Akron said it’s $49-per-credit-hour rate is half the cost at area community colleges….”


Knoxville College Suspends Fall Classes

“The 1875-era historically black college has only 11 students currently enrolled, according to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission….”


Universities Try Again on Construction Funding

“After years of waiting, state universities in 2013 came agonizingly close to securing billions of dollars to pay for new labs, student centers and classrooms. The projects had bipartisan support, and bills authorizing debt for their construction passed the House and the Senate….”


World News

Paris-Saclay: A Mega-University with Ambitions to Match

“Dominique Vernay, the institution’s president, talks to Jack Grove about why 19 French institutions are stronger as one.…”

Irish Scientists Protest ‘Funding Apartheid’

“Hundreds of researchers sign letter warning of cost of focusing exclusively on business-led priorities….”

The All-Work, No-Play Culture Of South Korean Education

“For a typical high school student, the official school day may end at 4 p.m., but can drag on for grueling hours at private cram institutes or in-school study hall, often not wrapping up until 11 p.m….”