August 1, 2016 – August 8, 2016

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National News

  • The Gig Economy is Making Waves in Education
    “According to a recent FlexJobs report, over one-third of the American workers freelance — and education is one of the top-five industries with high demand for freelance laborers….”
  • 27 is the New 18: Adult Students on the Rise
    “When imagining the beginning of a postsecondary experience, one pictures hundreds of students showing up on campus, moving into their dorms and bidding their parents goodbye to begin their independent lives. However, that image has shifted in the past 10 plus years as an increasing adult population arrives on college campuses (either physically or online)….”
  • Q2 Sales Climb 9% at Bright Horizons
    “Sales at Bright Horizons Family Solutions, the early education business, increased 9% to $402 million (£302 million) in the second quarter of 2016….”
  • Ed-Tech Stamp of Approval
    “Complete College America launches an awards program to recognize technology companies that can deliver on their promises….”
  • ITT Tech’s Struggle to Survive
    “Dramatic enrollment decreases, along with mounting federal and state investigations, threaten the for-profit institution….”
  • Another For-Profit College Faces Scrutiny
    “Pittsburgh-based college group Education Management Corporation (EDMC) has been accused of redirecting money from a non-profit foundation it runs into its for-profit arm….”
  • Pressure to Spend More on Poor Students
    “A new report suggests wealthy institutions should spend more from their endowments to help low-income students, but many campus critics say it’s not so simple….”
  • Uncertainty Surrounds Higher Education, Opinion
    “The upcoming presidential election creates massive uncertainty. The candidates, polarized on most major issues, have undefined views of higher education and its role in the 21st century. It is difficult to predict what path the federal government will forge in the next four years….”
  • Filling the Void: How Higher Ed Can Embrace Diversity in an Evolving Workforce
    “Experts say targeting the next generation may be the key to institutional success or failure…”
  • Death of the Dorm Key
    “Northwestern plans to change to smart cards at four residential buildings. Many other institutions have already made the switch….”
  • These Landlords are Making a Killing Off College Students
    “Shares in Education Realty Trust, a Memphis-based landlord whose earnings report met Wall Street expectations this morning, are up 54 percent in the past year. American Campus Communities, the only other publicly traded student housing landlord, is up 44 percent. By comparison, a Bloomberg index of North American apartment landlords is up 12 percent over the same period….”

Local News


  • Hillsborough Schools Will Open Well Above Capacity This Week
    “When the new school year begins on Wednesday, Alonso is projected to have an enrollment of 2,876 students, although principal Kenneth Hart, drawing from his career experience of unanticipated consequences, said it’s realistic to count on 2,950 or more….”



World News

  • Growth and Inequality in China
    “The “massification” of higher education hasn’t decreased the importance of family background, analysis finds….”