March 14, 2016 – March 21, 2016

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 National News

  • 160 Private Colleges Fail Education Dept.’s Financial-Responsibility Test
    “According to a Chronicle analysis of data released on Friday, 160 degree-granting private colleges failed the U.S. Education Department’s financial-responsibility test, which seeks to quantify the financial health of proprietary and nonprofit institutions, for the 2013-14 academic year. That’s two more than failed the year before….”
  • New Ground for Pearson
    “Community colleges are getting creative with how they handle low enrollment and money problems. A two-year college in Ohio has gone farther than most by hiring education juggernaut Pearson to handle marketing, recruitment and retention of students….”
  • America’s Bankrupt Schools
    “Last week, in Flint, Michigan, Democratic presidential candidates were asked what they’d do to turn around financially flailing and academically failing school systems, like that of nearby Detroit….”
  • Power Struggle on Online Oversight
    “Initiative to simplify how colleges become authorized to offer online education outside their home state once again runs into opposition from advocacy groups, this time in New York….”
  • Getting Ready for Another Corinthian
    “Education Department may soon tell more colleges to set aside money to cover federal loan discharges and other costs in case institutions collapse or become financially strapped….”
  • Fund-Raising for Millennials
    “Elizabethtown College launches an online-first capital campaign to test the power of social media in higher education fund-raising. Black tie not required….”
  • New Student Loan Report Reveals Promising Repayment Trends
    “The U.S. Department of Education today released its Quarterly Student Aid Report, a collection of key performance data on the federal student loan portfolio, revealing continued increases in income-driven repayment enrollment with notable decreases in defaults and delinquencies….”
  • Three Things to Know about New-ish U.S. Education Secretary John King Jr.
    “John King Jr. isn’t acting anymore. On Monday, the U.S. Senate voted 49 to 40 to confirm him as President Obama’s second and final secretary of education….”

Local News


  • Private Schools’ Enrollment Up
    “Parents concerned about recent changes in Huntsville city schools are driving up enrollment applications and interest in private schools this year, according to private school administrators….”



  • Michigan House Approves $48.7M to Keep Detroit Schools Open
    “The Michigan House on Thursday approved $48.7 million for the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) to prevent the district from shutting down next month. The Republican-controlled chamber voted 104-5, sending the measure to the Senate, which is under the gun to pass the appropriation before the legislature takes off for its March 25-April 11 spring break….”

World News