November 30, 2015 – December 7, 2015

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National News

  • Online Schools are Losing Support, Creating Divisions in the National Charter School Movement
    “Poor test results at online schools are creating divisions in the charter school community in Ohio and nationally, leading some national leaders to question whether e-schools should even be part of the charter school movement anymore….”
  • Colleges that Charge Students the Most to Apply
    “Students paid an average $41 this fall to apply to the ranked universities reporting data to U.S. News….”
  • Foodie Culture is Spurring Degree Programs at U.S. Colleges
    “Widening trend at American colleges and universities to channel students’ foodie passions into classrooms, labs and campus gardens. An estimated 30 U.S. colleges and universities have formal interdisciplinary food studies programs that offer degrees or minors….”
  • Library Bound
    “Hamilton College’s library and Information Technology Services, longtime cohabitants on campus, tied the knot in 2013. Why is that model, rare at large institutions, appealing to smaller ones?…”
  • Can Schools Help Keep Startups from Leaving?
    “While UMass Dartmouth has been looking to give the local economy a shot in the arm for more than a decade, it is not the only regional school looking for ways to accelerate economic development in its own backyard. Both Brown University and the University of Rhode Island are engaged in similar efforts, though so far largely tied to faculty-generated research projects. URI is interested in developing an incubator, connecting to a growing national trend among research universities….”
  • Too Few Students
    “Many community colleges are seeing drops in their enrollments this year. South Dakota’s private, two-year Kilian Community College is closing, finding it couldn’t survive an enrollment decline and increased competition….”
  • Graduation Rates Rise, for Some
    “Education Trust study finds as institutions’ completion rates rise generally, minority students sometimes fall farther behind….”
  • Transparency Scrutinized
    “Politicians in a number of states, who often say they’re responding to concerns from constituents, have been calling for appointed or elected governing boards of their public colleges, universities and systems to be more open, particularly when it comes to public meetings….”
  • Old School, New Tech
    “After spending millions on laptops and tablets for all students and upgrading its network infrastructure, Moravian College explores how it can use those investments to “redefine the classroom….”

Local News


  • University of Arizona Opens Water Research Facility
    “The $5.5 million center will facilitate technology transfer between public utilities and the private sector, and will also educate and train technicians, utility personnel and students in the intricacies of water treatment solutions….”


  • Report: Underfunded School Facilities In Danger Of Disrepair
    “A UC Berkeley report finds California school facilities are underfunded, and that’s putting more stress on the budgets of districts serving low-income students….”
  • These California Districts are Measuring Schools in a New Way
    “In addition to academic performance, school scores will account for how safe children feel in school, suspension rates, skills not measured by traditional academic tests such as self-control and social awareness, and how quickly students who don’t speak English are learning the language, among other factors….”



  • Debt is Crushing State’s Schools
    “The education financial crisis in Michigan extends well beyond Detroit Public Schools, as a new report from a major credit rating service confirms. The findings should move the talk about fixing school finances well beyond the state’s largest district….”

New York

  • Proposed Syracuse Charter School Would Educate Refugees, Focus on Agriculture
    “A former teacher and education lawyer is eying Syracuse as the home for an agriculture-focused charter high school for refugees. Ellen Eagen, of the newly-formed non-profit Sustainable Sciences and Technology Foundation, plans to begin the process of opening a charter school in Syracuse in December….”

North Carolina

  • Struggling Schools Could Get Flexibility Reserved for Charters
    “The policy would lay out steps for implementing a law passed about five years ago, when the state was applying for a large federal grant called Race to the Top. The law describes changes the lowest-performing schools can make in order to improve. One of the options allows struggling schools to operate more like charters….”


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