December 5 – December 12, 2014

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 National News

  • Privatization and the Public Good
    “As funding for public higher education has shrunk (or at least failed to keep up with growing enrollments) in many states, public colleges and universities have increasingly sought other forms of funding that, over time, make them look less and less like state entities and more and more like their cousins in the private nonprofit sector….”
  • Apollo Education Launches Venture Investment Group
    “Apollo Education Ventures is partnering with Touchdown Ventures, a venture capital and investment advisory firm announced on the same day that will help with deal sourcing, due diligence and other duties….”
  • Giant PPP is First-of-its-Kind in Student Housing
    “The University System of Georgia struck a unique, $518M public-private partnership with Corvias Campus Living. It’s handling student housing for nine campuses across Georgia for the next 65 years….”
  • Obama Announces $1B for Early Childhood Education
    “Declaring early childhood education “one of the best investments we can make,” President Barack Obama on Wednesday followed up on a promise to expand early education opportunities for tens of thousands of children by announcing $1 billion in public-private spending on programs for young learners….”
  • Congress Serves Up a Freshly Baked CRomnibus
    “The House voted last night to pass the CRomnibus, but with not enough time before the federal government shut down to hold a vote on the bill in the Senate, both chambers opted to pass a two-day extension of current funding late yesterday. The Senate is expected to take up the full bill as soon as today….”
  • Over 30,000 Children to Benefit from Preschool Development Grants
    “The Preschool Development Grants program was funded at $250 million through the FY14 omnibus bill in January. The 18 winning states, selected among 36 applicants, plan to reach about 33,000 children in over 200 high-need communities, according to a White House press release….”

Local News






New Jersey

  • Local Schools Sue NJ for Preschool, More Funding
    “New Jersey should be required to provide more school aid and universal preschool for 16 mostly poor, rural districts, including four in Ocean County, attorneys representing the districts argued in court Thursday….”

New York

  • NYC Goes to College
    “A first look at patterns of college enrollment, persistence, and degree attainment for NYC high school students….”
  • US Education Department to Probe NY School Funding
    “Federal education officials have granted a year-old request from two upstate school districts to investigate whether New York’s school aid system shortchanges districts with large minority populations….”



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